1. TreesaBaumWalker
    Tuesday / March 18, 2014

    Hi Joe, Great Blog. Wanted to remember on this date,March 10 1992,22 years ago the day of Gary Crosslins leaving us all, he really was a Bodhisatva amongst us and spread in the good feelings thru his presence and music.

    • Tuesday / March 18, 2014

      Wow … you just gave me chills! I miss Gary so much! He was always such a good soul & friend. Did you know him from NJ, Seattle or elsewhere?

      Never knew the “day” he died. Thanks for that.

      We might want to take this over to one of my posts about him. :)


  2. Dorothy Morrison
    Wednesday / March 12, 2014

    Cool! Can you get posters? I would love one! Congratulations Streno!

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