1. Monday / May 12, 2014

    Mr. S.,

    Nice work, indeed. In terms of the opening acts:

    Sept. 79 — Lee Dorsey & The Undertones;
    March 80 — Mikey Dread, Lee Dorsey & The B-Girls

    spring 81 — At Bonds, of course, it was a host of folks, Grandmaster Flash included.

    do hope you received my other message — your contact page didn’t generate a sent message a few minutes ago.


    • Thursday / May 15, 2014


      Hi & thanks! BTW … thanks for letting me know my contact page was not working, d’oh!!!! It’s fixed now. I also DID NOT receive any other message from you, as a comment or direct eMail from my Contact page. So if you need to send it again, please do.


  2. dp
    Wednesday / April 4, 2012

    haha, I was at this show and snuck backstage. I used to buy balcony seats at the palladium to save money and then sneak down these scary backstairs that lead to an alley to get to the orchestra section/backstage. That night, I watched most of the clash show from the balcony and then made my way down to my usual way of sneaking to the stage. This time however security was tight and I could’nt get into the orchestra section AND the doors back to the balcony locked behind me. I stood in the alley and a guy from a PM magazine show was getting ready to interview the clash when they finished. He saw me standing alone and asked me some questions about the clash – when he started leaving to setup, he asked me if I wanted to go backstage. I said sure and there I was, backstage watching the clash doing their encore from a few feet away! I was freaking out, but had enough sense to grab a heineken from a tub of ice and try to act cool. Show finishes, guys walk past me and everyone is just hanging out – me a scrawny fly on the wall. I remember this tough looking punk kid walking around like he owned the place – maybe 11 or 12 years old. Later found out he was Harley from Stimulators/Cro Mags fame. 12 years old hanging out with the clash. I was a much older 17. I had to use the bathroom at one point and knocked on the door — no answer — Joe Strummer walks by and says “Mick is taking a sh&*%t – he was holding it in the whole show” and he starts laughing. Everyone then started downstairs to the basement – a who’s who of ny cool. I was sitting next to Jerry Harrison of THeads – Lee Dorsey was holding court in the middle of the room. Anyway, a wild memory for a kid from brooklyn. I am still crushed that we lost Joe. Thanks for jogging the memory bank and GREAT pictures! cool

    • Wednesday / April 4, 2012

      Hi DP … Thanks … and thanks for sharing your story! Very cool!

      We should talk … I might want to use your story in my upcoming Clash photo book “By The People. For The People.” eMail me directly at ejo @ go2jo.com and we can talk more about it.

  3. Shah
    Tuesday / December 20, 2011

    Your right that photo of Mick with the coloured can is classical, almost iconic, lovely stuff Jo.


  4. Andy Brown
    Tuesday / March 8, 2011

    All I can say is thanks so much for posting this. I was there (my first Clash show), and I’ll never forget it.
    Here’s the setlist:
    Clash City Rockers
    Brand New Cadillac
    Safe European Home
    Jimmy Jazz
    London Calling
    The Guns Of Brixton
    Train In Vain
    White Man In Ham Palais
    Koka Kola
    I Fought the Law
    Spanish Bombs
    Rudie Can’t Fail
    Hit the Road Jack
    Police and Thieves
    Wrong ‘Em Boyo
    Stay Free
    Complete Control
    Janie Jones
    Armagideon Time
    English Civil War
    Tommy Gun
    White Riot

    The following night they played the Capital Theater in New Jersey and it was filmed on crappy video, which can be found here:

  5. Pamela
    Monday / November 17, 2008

    It was definitely not Shea
    I graduated from NYU in 1983.
    You know, it had to be the Palladium, March 7, 1980
    It was the day after my 18th birthday (Ouch)
    and I know the boyfriend at the time was from the 1980-era
    It was a Friday night… and if I remember this correctly.. the day before (my real birthday) was a gorgeous, March day.. I could not believe I was 18.. and then we went to see The Clash. I don’t know why I remember seeing someone else on the stage with them but.. there were a lot of shows we went to see back then… Good times… Ah… Remember the Ritz?

    I saw Bruce at the Palladium, Sept 15, 1978
    Another highlight of my life (I’m a lifelong Bruce fan)

    Thanks for all the help and the info. The Clash was like nothing I had heard before or since.


    Pamela´s last blog post..The Clash @ Bonds NYC 1981

    • Monday / November 17, 2008

      Pamela …

      The only show that I know of was the Clash opening for the Who @ Shea Stadium NY in 1982. If you were still in NYU in 82 … that could be the place. But I don’t think you could mix up being in a baseball stadium with a club, or small music venue like the Palladium.

      You could always go to BlackMarketClash.com. They list almost every show the Clash ever played, and they list them by year, date and place. So if you saw a Clash show … it would be there.

  6. Pamela
    Monday / November 17, 2008

    A response from you. So quickly. I am impressed!

    I watched the Clash video on PBS (Ch 21 on Long Island) last night. Amazing. AMAZING.

    Maybe I am confusing shows.. or venues… Did The Clash ever share the bill with a big-named act? I know it was early ’80s when I was at NYU. My boyfriend at the time wore black nail polish to the show and I hated it. (The polish. Not the show.) ;>

    It’s killing me that I can’t remember something that was so great. Damn.

    But I do remember thinking how great it was, even then.

    Thanks for any help you can share,

    Pamela´s last blog post..The Clash @ Bonds NYC 1981

  7. Pamela
    Monday / November 17, 2008

    I was at the Clash NYC Palladium show, 190.
    The memory is a little fuzzy, alas.
    Was going to NYU and was celebrating a birthday and… I know I had a great night but so much of it is lost to… whatever I was doing.
    Was there an opening act? Why do I remember someone else on the bill?
    Please. All help cheerfully accepted. And thanks.

    Pamela´s last blog post..The Clash @ Bonds NYC 1981

    • Pamela
      Monday / November 17, 2008

      Looks like I am still on something. I’m not. I meant to type Palladium 1980. Sorry about that.

      Pamela´s last blog post..The Clash @ Bonds NYC 1981

      • Monday / November 17, 2008

        Pamela …

        I understand the concept. As far as opening act … it could have been Mickey Dread, it could have been the B-girls, it could have been Lee Dorsey. It could have been multiple bands. In Mikey Dreads favor, there is the pict of him singing and the Clash dancing around him … but that could have been just one song. I just don’t remeber. I guess I could do some research on BlackMarketClash.com … they would probably know.

        It was a great show. I do remeber that much! ;)

  8. Tuesday / October 7, 2008

    I always loved that shot of mick…No. 12…. You had a great print of it years ago… It looked almost Jack Kirby-esque.

    That is definetly Ray Jordan…. Me and Dorothy ligged into Bonds one night and he was the one manning the door and letting us in….

    I loved that record store too… it was in Glen Cove. I remember buying a PiL album there. And I remember you buying several albums by the SKIDS there…. And I think I got the 2nd gang of four album there… as an import. He had great imports.

    Bleecker Bobs sucked.

    It still sucks.

    • Tuesday / October 7, 2008

      @ Geoff

      Hoov … tell us how you really feel! ;)

      I figure if enough people, like you, me & Dorothy … and other Post toasties plug at it … we’ll figure out the name of the place. I know the guys name was Phil … and yup he had all the best imports. Glenn Cove sounds right. It was a tiny little shack … from what I remember.

      Damn … I almost forgot about the Skids! I loved them! “Working For The Yankee Dollar” … and all the rest of their Scottish art/punk music. Just Googled them and found a bunch of their stuff on last.fm. Wow! I’m gettin’ all flash backed memories and crap!

      Sometimes I wish I never sold all my vinyl … especially all my singles. But when you’ve moved so many times … it’s gets to be a little much to tote around thousands of albums and 45s. Dorothy still has her vinyl … I’m in awe! How about you?

      By the by … I’m getting ready to post my Bonds stuff. The live shots aren’t great … it’s all the back stage, and street photos of the Clash and the Slits that’s cool.

      What’s very strange Mr Hoover is that on the same B&W roll of the Clash at Bonds are pictures of you in my Mom’s in Lanoka, and you backstage at Emerald City. It was the night John Eddie & The Front Street Runners opened for Gary US Bonds. Sometimes when I look at negatives, I’m blown away by some of the stuff I don’t even remeber having photographed. Or that one event coincided with another. But hey … it was 28(?) years ago. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!! Fuck I’m gettin’ old!

  9. Wednesday / October 1, 2008

    I think one of the other dancers with Mikey Dread is Baker, one of the Clash’s roadies. And the guy with the knit hat and dreads looking right at you in the street pic where Mick is signing autographs is their security guy Ray Jordan.

    Great pics as always!!!

    Wish you’d taken one of the outside of the bus – I remember during the ’84 Clash II tour it was a regular trailways bus, but I’d love to see how this one looked from outside as it looks like a real 80’s era tour bus.

    And if you spent a lot of time in Bleeker Bobs, you might remember DJ Scratchy Meyers because he also worked there too.

    • Wednesday / October 1, 2008

      Thanks to all who have visited & left comments. :)


      Grace I think the other guy on the far right of the stage dancing with Mickey Dread is Mickey Gallagher, keyboard player for Ian Dury & The Blockheads. He was playing keys for the Clash on that tour. I could be mistaken.

      Yes the guy next to Mick is Ray Jordan … Dorothy confirmed that one too.

      I didn’t spend a lot of time at Bleaker Bob’s only when we ventured into the city from Long Island where I was attending college … the place I spent a lot of time at was this great import shop on Long Island. The guy who owned it was named Phil. It was close to CW Post, but for the life of me I can’t remeber the name of the place. I talked to Dorothy and even she couldn’t remeber it. That’s what happens when you hit the > 50 mark … things get fuzzier. I think that’s part of the reason I’m posting all this stuff now. In 5 more years my memory may be closer to the “fantasy” marker than the “memories” one. ;)

  10. Tuesday / September 30, 2008

    Hey Streno……
    we had fun didn’t we……..
    where’s my guitar pick?????

  11. Monday / September 29, 2008

    Some fantastic photo’s. I love the ones of Joe and Paul when they changed guitars guess this must have been for GOB.
    Favorite one is Mick with the coke can

  12. Monday / September 29, 2008

    Awesome stuff buddy
    The Mikey Dread pictures are just great !!!

  13. Sunday / September 28, 2008

    The man in photos 4 & 5 is the DJ Barry “Scratchy” Myers.

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