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Drummer man Kenny Douyotas sent me a present today … it was a “Six Million Dollar Man.” Well … at least the Junior Smoots band studio recording of it. It was appropriate for this Memorial Day. We can all listen and remember. Remember all those summer nights we saw the Junior Smoots band and had fun fun fun fun fun! Yah man! Skankin’ and rankin’ until the wee wee hours.

When Kenny first eMailed the first two tracks, I was having serious flashbacks to the Harbor Inn, Mrs. Jays, The Fast Lane, and all the other places I ever saw Gary and the Junior Smoots band. I remember dancing my ass off to these and so many other Smoots covers and originals. Thanks Gary for all of that … and thanks Kenny for contacting me and providing us all with these nuggets.

I remember going to at least one of these recording sessions. Of course I had camera in hand, taking photos. When I locate the slides or negatives I will post them as well. I was and will forever be a “documenter.”

I hope you enjoy the only 24-track studio recordings Gary and Junior Smoots band ever made. If you have memories of seeing Junior Smoots and the Disturbers, please leave a comment and share your thoughts with the rest of us who knew and loved Gary Crosslin, Judy Joots, Kenny Douyotas, Keven “Emergency” Ward, Paul Roberts, Tracy Lawrence, Vito Roast a.k.a. Junior Smoots and the Disturbers and the music they made.


Jr Smoots: Studio Recordings: ©Gary Crosslin
“How Come”
“Dogbo Zo N’wene”
The article on original recording of Dogbo Z N’wene by Armand Pascal Lido & l’Ivoiro Star can be found here. It can also be downloaded here.
“Six Million Dollar Man”

Click here to download a Zip file with these three Smoots songs in MP3.
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14 thoughts on “Junior Smoots Music

  1. Thank you for sharing. Jr Smoots and the band was one of my favs. Remember seeing them at the Harbor inn lots I was In a band that played there We were a Rock-Billy -band The Howlers we would play the night before or after Smoots the band and I loved Smoots great times and great music !!! Thanks again!

  2. I can’t believe that I found Junior Smoots and the Disturbers on the internet. Thank you so much for posting the songs and the information. I followed these guys around the shore for a few years back in the early 80’s. Smoots was my absolute favorite bar band and seeing them at the Harbor Inn was just such an experience. When they were on, and that was 95% of the time, they were one of the greatest bar bands ever. Everyone was on the dance floor for “Secret Agent Man” and “Back to the Bar Scene”. Since some former members have posted here, I’m wondering if there are any more songs/artifacts available? It’s time for a reunion of Tommy, Vito, Kevin, Chino, Paul and the rest of the Disturbers.

  3. Wow! What a trip to hear these songs again. I was the engineer on these dates and i remember having a great time with the band and loving these tunes. Funny too, since I just posted a photo of me and Gary at the board – on my Facebook page. It’s great to see those studio pix from a place that I spent so much time. Planet is actually still there on 30th St in NYC, but I haven’t been there in years. I did work with Kid Creole & the Coconuts, in the studio and on the road for a long time, and I’m working on a new record with them right now.
    I’ll put a credit on the Facebook shot, now that i know where it came from . . .thanks.

    1. @ Julian …

      Hi! Glad you found my Smoots posts. I got the tracks from Kenny the drummer. I thought Gary wouldn’t mind my posting them. He and the band were loved by so many people. It still amazes me how many hits I get on those posts about Gary & the Disturbers and their music.

      It’s all so wild … I have Kid Creole photos that I have yet to post. They played some club in NJ with the Philly band The A’s … sometime in the 80’s. As you can tell I did a lot of that back then.

      Glad I could feed some good memories. Thanks for the credit on Facebook too. :)

  4. Joe,

    P.S. I know — isn’t it great? I’ve been obsessed with finding the original for months, and I kept Googling it, but — nothing. Until yesterday, that is. I am so excited… I have to say, though, that I like the Smoots version better. (I’m not biased, am I? :-)) It’s crisper and livelier; it’s one of the best feel-good songs I’ve ever heard. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it (about 2 years ago).

  5. Joe,

    As I said, you can download it as an .mp3 file from that site as well. That’s what I did — I’m not about to lose it now that I’ve found it. I sent it to Ken as an e-mail attachment; he probably hasn’t seen it yet. I’ll remind him… :-)

    BTW, did you get the e-mail I sent you?

  6. Hey Joe:

    Just a note about DOgBone. . . I was really happy you posted that clip. It was one that I had been thinking about recently.

    Gary adapted it from a track of the same name that was on one of the early compilations of African music that was put out by Mango records in the early 80’s. I can’t recall the album title but if I saw it I’d recognize it. There weren’t many out at the time, so if you come across any MANGO/Island Africa comps, look for the track. If you know the title, please post and let me know. I’d pick it up on EBAY if I knew.

    This is one of the few non-reggae or ska tracks that I remember them doing.

    Kevin LaMastra´s last blog post..The Clash @ Bonds NYC 1981

  7. As it was once said “I was looking for a cup of warm broth” when I met Gary and joined the Disturbers. We were more than just a band, we were family.
    That’s why we sounded like we meant it. Whatta BLAST!

    Thanks Joe for being there then and here now .

    Peace & One Love

  8. Thanks Joe (and Kenny)!

    It’s been one of those nights, when the spirits seem awfully close.

    I’m looking at a picture of my old partner in crime Anne, and the gang, from almost 40 years ago, while listening to these tunes from Gary, all of which showed up within a couple of hours tonight.

    This internet thing continues to amaze me!

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