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This show was a double bill. John Eddie And The Front Street Runners opening for Mink DeVille at the Fast Lane in Asbury Park … some summer night in 1981. The exact date escapes my aging brain cells. Don’t remember if anyone went with me to see this show. But for those who might remember … you now what to do … write about it in the comments. Makes me wish I would have written in my journal a bit more back then. And so it goes ….

When I get my Mink DeVille negatives scanned … they will go up as a separate post.

Hope you enjoy the photos. Click the “Continue Reading” link below. And if you know anything about this show … leave a comment.

Thanks … Joe

John Eddie @ The Fast Lane – 1981
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Joe Streno
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4 thoughts on “John Eddie @ The Fast Lane – 1981

  1. I will go back and find the date. I kept records of every single gig we did back then. I do remember this gig. The drummer for Mink Deville was Tommy Price and he had a hot pink kit. I also remember how little room there was on stage for us to set up in as seen in one of your pics. Fast Lane gigs were always special to me because that was the first rock club I ever went to and I still have this vivid memory of Beaver Brown taking the stage with lights on behind them and it’s a movie moment….The Fast Lane was a magic place for me.

    1. @Gary: Wow! So good to hear from you!

      I love the Fast Lane stage for taking photos. It was just a few feet off the ground, so an artist was right there in front of you. And yes, the compactness of the stage meant you could also get the drummer in shots. ;)

      I loved loved loved Mink Deville I photographed him in several shows with both his first band and the later version too.

      The Fast Lane was one of the best places to see a show in Asbury because of the stage. It made everything so intimate.

  2. Can’t help you with the gig, but love the photos!
    I have mananged to convince a friend of mine to contribute towards your Clash book. Took a bit of doing :) I think some folk are concerned that
    their contribution won’t be professional enough but as i told her, it’s all
    about the passion and the moment, and that, can’t be neatly pidgeon-
    Given up on Twitter, too awful 4 words.Can’t think of anything stupid
    enough to say….
    Keep well,
    Loversrock x

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