Gang Of Four . Long Island . 1982

  • Thursday / June 16, 2011
Gang Of Four

Gang Of Four . Long Island . 1982

Gang Of FourOkay! It’s official! I’ve become a doddering codger! One too many synapses have misfired & my prefrontal cortex is Pretty Vacant MAN or so it seems. Maybe I’m being a little too hard on myself. Or maybe not.

I started attending CW Post Center of Long Island University in the spring of 1978. (Had to look that one up too!) I was twenty-one. Going back to school to get a degree. I was living in the dorms with Danny Laughlin. Through him I met Tom Quinlavin. Tom was a painter … as in fine artist. We hit it off right away. Somewhere in that first semester I met a girl, Brandy, or Candy, or Nancy, or Chuck … can’t remember her name. Don’t even remember how we met … memorable huh! I think the thing that interested me about her was she liked punk music. Music was always a good “bonding” agent for me. Always has been. Always will be.

The reason I remember her, was because there was a photo of her on the first exposure of the two rolls of film I shot at the Gang Of Four show. So I’m also thinking that we went to the show together. As in … on a date. But what kind of date could it have been? She was probably sitting alone at the table, for most of the night, while I was off shooting the band. Oh well. She and I didn’t last too long. I wonder why?

So here is where I confess. I don’t remember the name of the venue I saw the Gang of Four. I don’t remember the date. The only reason I know it was in 1978, is because I know I was living with Danny in the dorms at Post when I met Brandy-Candy-Nancy-Chuck. What I do remember was the venue was a dinner club kind of place. It was not a regular music venue. There were tables and chairs on a terraced floor in front a full raised stage. I remember the parking lot and the Vegas-like sign “Appearing Tonight”. I just wish I could “re-visulaize” the name of the joint! Hopefully someone else who went there will remember and leave a comment.

The one thing I do remember … the show was incendiary! From first song to last. What I loved was the lighting they used. A lot of stage foot up-lighting. Never saw anything like it before then. Very ominous. Very dramatic. Lot of fun to shoot!

Hope you like!

Gang Of Four . Long Island . 1978
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Joe Streno

Joe Streno

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Hi Joe, I was at that show. It was at the Northstage Theater in Glen Cove. Front row. And Geoff is right, it was 1982. Great pics, though! Proof it happened; this concert is missing from all the gigographies.

Joe Streno

Hi Jim…

Wow! After all these years, it amazing to find one soul that actually attended this show & found this post!

Bummer that I was wrong & my buddy Geoff was correct on the year. Great that you confirmed it. Thanks! The other bummer is … my recollections of the time period were so off. Guess being 54 when I wrote the post & 61 now — my synapses misfires have only increased. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Any chance you now the actual DATE it took place? It seems the Gang of Four played the NY area on these dates in 1982:

OCT 6 & 7 1982 at The Ritz, New York, NY
JUL 14 1982 Dr. Pepper Music Festival , New York, NY
JUL 20 1982 Peppermint Lounge, New York, NY

And like you said, it appears NOWHERE on the Interwebs. Not even not on this extensive German website of GoF shows: Gang Of Four Gigography.

Thanks for stopping by & at least affirming the show was in 1982 & supplying the venue name too. Every little bit helps trying to retrace memory ghosts.


Your synapses may be shot, but mine aren’t. This is not 1978. This is 1982. Look at the bass player. Notice the tits? Sara Lee. She came aboard late 1981 and recorded Songs of the Free. Beautiful shots btw. Some of your very best.

Joe Streno

Geoff. First. Thanks! The lighting certainly helped. : )

Yup … did notice the tits. But … I’m going to disagree with you on this one. It’s much earlier than 1982. Though that’s the first studio recording Sara Lee may have done with the band, she was playing live with them much earlier. I’ve pieced this together from what I could find on the Interwebs.

In an interview Andy Gill said Dave Allen left half way through the 1979 first US tour. Busta Cherry filled in, but not for long, Sara came on somewhere in that time, before going into the studio to record with them. But that’s also the closest I could come to actual facts. Who knows. Maybe I’m making it all up!

I’m still confused. Hmm. Maybe I should post the photo of the girl that went with me. Her name might have been Meme. Fuck if I can remember! Shoot me now! Please!

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