Tech Fail: I Sing The Body Electric

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Tech Fail: I Sing The Body Electric or — what the hell was THAT! Update: 08.08.2014 – Cardiologist Visit It started several weeks ago. I’m minding my own business in the gym. I’m doing my hour long workout, when all of a sudden a woman’s voice comes through my headset saying, “Warning! Your heart rate is now 180 bmp.” A few moments later, “Warning! Your heart rate is now 240 bmp.” WTF!!!! Okay, maybe some backstory is appropriate now. A few months ago, I was…Continue Reading “Tech Fail: I Sing The Body Electric”

What A Difference A Week Makes

What A Difference A Week Makes!

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It’s true! What a difference a week makes … or two. In my last post I talked about being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes again. Since then I was forced to start watching more closely how much food was traveling through my pie hole. It was a wakeup call, to say the least. And to say the most, it was one of the best things to happen to me. Not so much the diabetes, but the ensuing life changes that I needed to make. They…Continue Reading “What A Difference A Week Makes!”

Exploding Melon

Danger! Exploding Melon! Or A Day With Transient Global Amnesia

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    Just when I thought my life might be falling back into place … my melon exploded! It’s difficult to explain, it’s harder to accept … Transient Global Amnesia. It seems I lost a day of my life. Not figuratively. Literally. It’s difficult for me to frame the story, because most of it has been pieced together through investigation and other people’s first hand accounts of the events. Watching all those episodes of “NYPD Blue”, “Law & Order”, and “Homicide: Life On The Street” may…Continue Reading “Danger! Exploding Melon! Or A Day With Transient Global Amnesia”

workout sheet

Gym Life – Week 10 + Workout Sheet

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Not a lot to report in week 10. I’m still at 260 lbs and holding. Though I had to go from my (dare I say it) size 42 jeans to my size 40 jeans which I had stored away for this occasion. Two inches is just the start … I hope. My 42 jeans were getting way too loose. So I climbed up into the attic and brought the 40’s down. In there was a pair or 36″ jeans … oh someday soon(?). Actually that…Continue Reading “Gym Life – Week 10 + Workout Sheet”

TNT Diet

I’ve been doing this now for 9 weeks. I had lost only 15 lbs in the first 7 weeks and hit a plateau already. Okay did I just say ONLY 15 lbs! Oye! Let’s be real. That is pretty good! Having gone through this loss and plateau situation before I kind of knew what had to be done. A change up in my workouts or maybe get a trainer again. At the end of one of my workouts last week I talked to one of…Continue Reading “Gym Life: Week 9”

Gym Life Week 3

My Gym Life – Week 3

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I joined LA Fitness two weeks ago, after having gone through a free week previously giving myself and the gym a test run. I can’t believe it’s been three weeks already. Wow! And it’s already starting to pay off. I wish I could say I already looked like my picture to the left, circa early 2002 … but I have lost 8 lbs already. Way back in August of 2001 I started back to the gym “the first time.” Well at least the first time…Continue Reading “My Gym Life – Week 3”

dunce cap of truth

Waiting for the other shoe …

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Sometimes I wonder where the time goes. Most times I’m so caught up in the mind-numbing sameness of the every day, that I often don’t realize time has passed. Or maybe I just don’t want to consciously recognize I’ve gotten another day older … and as the song goes … deeper in debt. And to look at the line before, and the one in the song too … I’m also afraid I’m reaching the 16-ton mark. Okay maybe that’s a “little” exaggerated, but I’m the…Continue Reading “Waiting for the other shoe …”