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One more time with feeling!

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I’ve been exercising again. Been exercising my WordPress blog-building muscles. Since work is scarce, and I needed to numb my mind from all that’s going on, or not going on around me … I decided to rebuild my WordPress blog. Make it more evil than ever! Moo ha ha ha ha ha! As usual, I scoured the Interwebs for the perfect WordPress theme. I found them. Tried them. And shunned them. Most were not to my liking for some reason or another. I even tried…Continue Reading “One more time with feeling!”

Leavenworth - It's not the destination

It’s not the destination

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The window opens. Cold air rushes in. Smells of wood smoke and fall crisp air envelope me like memories invoked. Autumnal skies of blue, gilded golden yellow, reaching to the horizon where heaven meets earth . I’m six yeas old again, on a Sunday ride through mountainous New York state. Are we there yet? No. Not yet Joe. Uncle Frank’s is still two hours away. To a six year old, how long is two hours? And exactly where is Norwalk Connecticut anyway? Traveling up the…Continue Reading “It’s not the destination”

Looking Inside

Sometimes, I’m told people can see right through me. I never know if they mean I’m transparent, or I’m hiding something, and what is hidden is transparent. A conundrum to say the least. Today I might wish that ‘transparency’ were indeed the case. It started with a sharp stabbing pain in my right hand. This had occurred, to some degree, in the past. I was told then, it was most likely carpel tunnel syndrome. Okay. I’ll bite. So way back when I was given some…Continue Reading “A Show Of Hands”