The Move

On The Move: Asbury Park, NJ

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It’s been a whirlwind few weeks. I knew I needed to move. I knew I needed a new place to move to. A new home to replace the one I owned and had to short sell. Not only was a long term relationship ending, so was the security they both afforded. After a year on the market, finally, an offer. Months pass. A seeming eternity. We are in the home stretch to closing on November 31st. I flew back to Asbury Park, New Jersey last…Continue Reading “On The Move: Asbury Park, NJ”

Hoover Hootenanny I

The Hoover Hootenanny 2010

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It took place in a matter of hours. Six to be exact. But each second of this event was a joy to be part of. So much planning. So much work and so much love went into the event, and it went off without a hitch. Okay maybe one visit from the Asbury Park Police … but that was to be expected towards the end of the night. But even that didn’t put a damper on the fun that was had, and the joy that…Continue Reading “The Hoover Hootenanny 2010”

Greetings From Asbury Park Casino

Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ

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Here I am. Back where it all started. It’s amazing. It’s amusing. It’s a place I’ve iconized in my minds eye. It was a place of growth and a place of rebirth. For me. For many. Part of something bigger than all of us. Youth. Art. Music. Lust. Passion. A culmination of time, talent, opportunity, and friendships, crystallizing into the stuff dreams are made of. But at what point do we wake up? It’s now 2010 some 25 years later. Time has taken a toll,…Continue Reading “Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ”

NJ Vacation

My New Jersey Vacation – The Preamble

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Good-bye Lake Union. Good-bye Puget Sound. Good-bye Seattle. Hello New Jersey? New Jersey. Home of my youth and soon to be … my Jersey vacation destination. I was off to see my friends Geoff Hoover & Dorothy Orant Morrison, and attend The Hoover Hootenanny. I would be staying with Geoff, his wife Tatiana and his three grown children, Indiana, Duke, and Texas in their home in Asbury Park. I hadn’t seen Geoff since somewhere mid 1980-ish. Our collective aging brain cells could not determine the exact…Continue Reading “My New Jersey Vacation – The Preamble”

Victoria, BC - Let the Bargaining Begin

Victoria, BC – Let the Bargaining Begin

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If this is Tuesday. This must be day two of our stay in Victoria, BC. And what a day it was! A day like no other. Full of adventure, compromise, and shopping! Woo hoo! :) As the day began, Kevin had his heart set on hiking. Being the rugged outdoorsman he is, and his backpack loaded with beef jerky, he was more than ready! But Tina had other ideas. She had grandiose visions of shopping every store in Victoria. There was a great plot hatched…Continue Reading “Victoria, BC – Let the Bargaining Begin”

Leavenworth - It's not the destination

It’s not the destination

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The window opens. Cold air rushes in. Smells of wood smoke and fall crisp air envelope me like memories invoked. Autumnal skies of blue, gilded golden yellow, reaching to the horizon where heaven meets earth . I’m six yeas old again, on a Sunday ride through mountainous New York state. Are we there yet? No. Not yet Joe. Uncle Frank’s is still two hours away. To a six year old, how long is two hours? And exactly where is Norwalk Connecticut anyway? Traveling up the…Continue Reading “It’s not the destination”

Drive 175 Miles In My Shoes

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As you might have guessed, I’ve been away. In more ways than one. Chris and I had planned a two day getaway long before the proverbial diagnostic fecal matter hit the fan. It was a good plan. I’m glad we did it. We booked a room at the mid-century modern rocker rest stop called the Jupiter Hotel. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I think they left a few out. One in particular was LOUD. The Jupiter has a club on the…Continue Reading “Drive 175 Miles In My Shoes”