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Junior Smoots And The Disturbers: Live At The Harbor Inn

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Ever since my first blog post about my friend Gary Crosslin’s band Junior Smoots And The Disturbers, people have come in droves. It amazes me still! One … that people Google Junior Smoots. And Two … that I’ve reconnected with all the (living) members of the band and quite a few fans. One of the people who recently found me was Bruce St. Laurent. Bruce was the sound man for the Smoots band in the early days. And thank goodness he did. Because now boys…Continue Reading “Junior Smoots And The Disturbers: Live At The Harbor Inn”

Junior Smoots And The Disturbers

It’s funny … I was searching my negative files for photos of my band, The Human Element. I’m working on a huge post about T.H.E. But while I was searching for group promo photos that my friend and artist Dorian LaPadura took, I stumbled upon black & white promo photos I took of the Junior Smoots band at the old Wall Township, NJ house. They even include new trombone player Tommy Meares. To my amazement, I also found the few photos I took of the…Continue Reading “More Junior Smoots Photos”

Smoots Press Kit Cover

Drummer man Kenny Douyotas sent me a present today … it was a “Six Million Dollar Man.” Well … at least the Junior Smoots band studio recording of it. It was appropriate for this Memorial Day. We can all listen and remember. Remember all those summer nights we saw the Junior Smoots band and had fun fun fun fun fun! Yah man! Skankin’ and rankin’ until the wee wee hours. When Kenny first eMailed the first two tracks, I was having serious flashbacks to the…Continue Reading “Junior Smoots Music”

Smoots Card

It was sometime in the summer of 1982. Cande Brought aka Cande Roth of Shadow Traffic fame called me. I hadn’t heard from her since we graduated from CW Post Center out on Long Island. Then again, after graduation my friend Charley Maria and I did a month long trip to England & France. It was all business the first week. I had hot hot hot photos of the Clash at the start of their Combat Rock tour which started at the Asbury Park Convention…Continue Reading “Junior Smoots And The Disturbers”