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Did I dream it? Did it really happen? Already? Yes, The Hoover Hootenanny 5 – The Last Hoot has come & gone! Sadly, all good things DO come to an end. Harumph! Though it has come and gone, it certainly was one to remember! I’ve been in attendance for all five of the Hoover Hootenannies and this was certainly the earliest. June 21st was a brilliantly sunny and not too warm Saturday. By the 5:00 PM start time, the temp cooled down even more, to the point…Continue Reading “joMusic: Hoover Hootenanny 5 – The Last Hoot”


They say the third time’s a charm. In the case of Hoover Hootenanny III : Hoovstock, they would most certainly be right! I’ve been in attendance to all three and this one by far is the one to beat. It could be that the Hoover Nation—Geoff and Tatiana Hoover, their three boys, Indy, Duke and Texas, as well as Marian Porges—is getting this thing down. Like a well oiled machine this one just churned out tons of  fun, food, old and new friends and plenty of entertainment. As soon as one…Continue Reading “Hoover Hootenanny III : Hoovstock”


And so another year has come and gone. Okay. Not talking calendar year here. A Hoover Hootenanny / Hooverpalooza year. Seems like only a few months ago I posted about the original Hoover Hootenanny, though the blessed event occurred nearly a year ago in August of 2010. Dave Jason, a communications professor at CW Post (back in 1978) would always tell his students, “better never than late”. Sorry Dave! I couldn’t go to another Hoover Hootenanny / Hooverpalooza and not post about the previous one….Continue Reading “Hoover Hootenanny II : Hooverpalooza”

Hoover Hootenanny I

It took place in a matter of hours. Six to be exact. But each second of this event was a joy to be part of. So much planning. So much work and so much love went into the event, and it went off without a hitch. Okay maybe one visit from the Asbury Park Police … but that was to be expected towards the end of the night. But even that didn’t put a damper on the fun that was had, and the joy that…Continue Reading “The Hoover Hootenanny 2010”

3 musketeers

Should I stay … or should I go. It was the question I asked before the fateful trip. The Asbury excursion. The one to reunite the three. In my heart I was waiting for this moment. I couldn’t be in attendance last year. But this year I WANTED to be there. I hadn’t seen any of them since the mid-nineteen-eighties. For argument’s sake and our love of round numbers I’ll call it twenty-five. Had it been that long? Maybe. Maybe more. Even our collective (failing)…Continue Reading “The 3 Musketeers – Asbury Park, NJ 2010 – The Story Continues”

NJ Vacation

Good-bye Lake Union. Good-bye Puget Sound. Good-bye Seattle. Hello New Jersey? New Jersey. Home of my youth and soon to be … my Jersey vacation destination. I was off to see my friends Geoff Hoover & Dorothy Orant Morrison, and attend The Hoover Hootenanny. I would be staying with Geoff, his wife Tatiana and his three grown children, Indiana, Duke, and Texas in their home in Asbury Park. I hadn’t seen Geoff since somewhere mid 1980-ish. Our collective aging brain cells could not determine the exact…Continue Reading “My New Jersey Vacation – The Preamble”