joMusic: Constance

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When I start a piece of new original music, sometimes the chords and melody come first. Sometimes the hook comes first. With this song, I’m not sure how it developed.This new music is not so new. I wrote it years ago in 2002. I have a feeling the chords and the picking pattern on the high e-string were the start of it all. Did I write it for my song circle? Duh … I don’t know. What I do know is I love the story….Continue Reading “joMusic: Constance”

No Place Like

joMusic: No Place Like …

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I’ve lived in the “Emerald City” for over sixteen years now. Even saw the Scooter and the Big Man. Here. Of all places! And maybe Dorothy has always been right … “There’s no place like home.” I’ve clicked my heals together so many times. All I have to show for it? Worn out orthotics and flat-ass feet! But I’m not here to complain. Really! The best thing? I got some new original music out of it all. Woo hoo! I’ve had occasion to do a…Continue Reading “joMusic: No Place Like …”

Romeo x3

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been preparing for the second coming. Jesus! No … not that one! The second coming of the Hoover Hootenanny. I’ve taken to recording new original music to help me learn lyrics. I figured I could record the songs, then put them on my iPhone & “sing along” in the car, the shower, while making breakfast … you get the idea. I even bought myself a new/used Alessis MultiMix8 USB 2.0 / 8 channel mixing board. This way I…Continue Reading “joMusic: Romeo”