Sarcoid @ Rutgers: Looking For Clues

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It’s been over ten years since the beginning. Presenting as a mystery, wrappped in an enigma, wrapped in a disease that has no end; but it did have a beginning. Back in Seattle, the summer of 2002 at Bally’s Fitness, I noticed my breathing becoming labored, but nothing I couldn’t power through. It was the start of something. Months and years passed. A host of symptoms came and went. It was still difficult to breathe on occasion, but nothing to set off alarms — yet….Continue Reading “Sarcoid @ Rutgers: Looking For Clues”

Self Portrait #2,097

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A self portrait I took while waiting for an elevator in a parking garage at Harborview Sleep Clinic with my iPhone 4. It was just this great macro image of an eyeball silkscreened onto a huge piece of glass. It sat on top of a pony wall as a divider. I love how graphic and eye-conic the image is. ; ) Just thought it was a great self portrait opportunity and had to take it.

Asbury Park NJ

Trading Places: Destination Asbury Park, NJ

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It’s memorial day weekend. It’s cold and it’s gray in Seattle. Forecast? Rain! Rain! Rain! Go figure! I always have to remind myself. Joe. There are other parts of the world where the forecast is … sun, sun, sun & fun, fun, fun! Like. Wait for it. Asbury Park, NJ! ; ) Asbury Park, NJ? Really? Yeah … really! We have history. We have rapport. Though we’ve been estranged, we’re not irreconcilable. I’ve paid my dues in purgatory. Now I want my reborn “city in…Continue Reading “Trading Places: Destination Asbury Park, NJ”

joMusic: In the beginning …

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When I originally posted this, I was going to dedicate a single page to my original music. I’ve now decided to break up the page into separate posts. This encourages me to post more of my original music … and maybe tell a few more stories about it. The “Music” menu will change, for now, to joMusic until I can incorporate multi-level menus for all my original music on { go2jo } . Then it will revert back … eventually. And now we return you…Continue Reading “joMusic: In the beginning …”

Grazin Big Time

Grazin’ in the grass is a gas … baby can you dig it!

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Grazin’ in the grass is a gas … baby can you dig it! My Boy Rocky! My big orange boy cat grazzin’ on a new crop of kitty grass. His sister Rose is not too far behind him.

Exploding Melon

Danger! Exploding Melon! Or A Day With Transient Global Amnesia

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    Just when I thought my life might be falling back into place … my melon exploded! It’s difficult to explain, it’s harder to accept … Transient Global Amnesia. It seems I lost a day of my life. Not figuratively. Literally. It’s difficult for me to frame the story, because most of it has been pieced together through investigation and other people’s first hand accounts of the events. Watching all those episodes of “NYPD Blue”, “Law & Order”, and “Homicide: Life On The Street” may…Continue Reading “Danger! Exploding Melon! Or A Day With Transient Global Amnesia”

condo sold

Seattle Condo For Sale @ Bridgehaven

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Bridgehaven Condominium: Short Sale Opportunity 13303 15th Ave NE C-2 Seattle WA 98125 SOLD!!!!! Yaaaaaay! MLS#: 139794 ~  Map Listing Agent: Steve Wilke – ReMax Eastside Brokers Inc – Cell: 206-948-5900 Bridgehaven: View from the condo balcony in spring. The first thing you will notice about Bridgehaven is its lush green, well maintained landscaping. The eighty-five unit condo complex was built in 1970, at which time the builders were able to reroute part of Thornton Creek through the center of the Bridgehaven property. With this creek…Continue Reading “Seattle Condo For Sale @ Bridgehaven”

Hipsta Photos

The question is … Butisitart! But is it art! It’s something I use to ask/say to my other “arty” friends back in Jr High back in the glorious(?) 70’s(?) … OMG! And so the question is raised today. I’m not trying to rekindle the age old battle about clay Art vs Craft. No! I’m saying it more tongue in cheek this time around. I have to give a big shout out to Diana Fayt for turning me onto a very cool app called Hipstamatic for…Continue Reading “Butisitart!”

dunce cap of truth

Waiting for the other shoe …

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Sometimes I wonder where the time goes. Most times I’m so caught up in the mind-numbing sameness of the every day, that I often don’t realize time has passed. Or maybe I just don’t want to consciously recognize I’ve gotten another day older … and as the song goes … deeper in debt. And to look at the line before, and the one in the song too … I’m also afraid I’m reaching the 16-ton mark. Okay maybe that’s a “little” exaggerated, but I’m the…Continue Reading “Waiting for the other shoe …”