John Eddie Fast Lane

This show was a double bill. John Eddie And The Front Street Runners opening for Mink DeVille at the Fast Lane in Asbury Park … some summer night in 1981. The exact date escapes my aging brain cells. Don’t remember if anyone went with me to see this show. But for those who might remember … you now what to do … write about it in the comments. Makes me wish I would have written in my journal a bit more back then. And so…Continue Reading “John Eddie @ The Fast Lane – 1981”

joMusic: Dime Store Toy

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  joMusic: Dime Store Toy I wrote this song for my Mom as a Christmas present in 2004. The previous year she bought me the Taylor guitar I played on this track. She asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I jokingly said … oh … hmmm … how about this new $3,000.00 smokeburst Taylor C16-CE I’ve been drooling over. She said “… okay … Merry Christmas! I know what your original music means to you, and I’d rather be alive and see you…Continue Reading “joMusic: Dime Store Toy”

smoots live

Junior Smoots And The Disturbers: Live At The Harbor Inn

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Ever since my first blog post about my friend Gary Crosslin’s band Junior Smoots And The Disturbers, people have come in droves. It amazes me still! One … that people Google Junior Smoots. And Two … that I’ve reconnected with all the (living) members of the band and quite a few fans. One of the people who recently found me was Bruce St. Laurent. Bruce was the sound man for the Smoots band in the early days. And thank goodness he did. Because now boys…Continue Reading “Junior Smoots And The Disturbers: Live At The Harbor Inn”

As some of you may have noticed … there’s a new menu item added to my blog. If you look at the very top menus above you will see a new menu item named “joMusic“. This is a search that will pull up all posts pertaining and containing my own music. I’ve been a musician for a good part of my life. You may have read my previous post about my old band “The Human Element“. In that article I said I’d eventually post some…Continue Reading “joMusic”

The Clash @ The Paladium

The Clash @ The Palladium NYC 1980

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In 1980 I was attending school at  CW Post Center of Long Island University. I was also sharing an apartment in Oyster Bay Long Island with 3 women: Cande Roth, Ellyn Solis, and Dorothy (Orant) Morrison. The night I moved into this insane asylum I ended three years of being a non-smoker. I purchased that pack of Newports … and torched up the first smoke, and didn’t quit again until the early 90’s. In my years at Post I was a communications major and later…Continue Reading “The Clash @ The Palladium NYC 1980”

The Human Element

“In the beginning the gods created the Pony (or the Poney to some) … they saw it was good. Maker and breaker of many a hopeful lot. Time passed and many a legend was born and sent out into the world to make good. Some did. Some didn’t. But time is a funny thing …. ha! Just when you expect just another R&B clone, fate deals you a joker. Enter … “The Human Element.” Why the Pony? And why such a place for their very…Continue Reading “The Human Element”

Junior Smoots And The Disturbers

It’s funny … I was searching my negative files for photos of my band, The Human Element. I’m working on a huge post about T.H.E. But while I was searching for group promo photos that my friend and artist Dorian LaPadura took, I stumbled upon black & white promo photos I took of the Junior Smoots band at the old Wall Township, NJ house. They even include new trombone player Tommy Meares. To my amazement, I also found the few photos I took of the…Continue Reading “More Junior Smoots Photos”


The Future Is Unwritten … The Past Has Been Stolen

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I’m feeling horribly sad. Pain welling up. Like having the crusty brown crackling scab of a deep wound ripped from my flesh. Feeling the pain and discomfort, but realizing, I was only feeling a pea under the mattress of time, poking me in my minds eye. Hey you! Wake up! Wake the fuck up! Joe is gone. Joe? Joe who? Joe Streno? No! Joe Strummer. I’m back stage at Bonds, NYC. It’s 1981. I’m seeing it though the eyes of another. Out of body? Am…Continue Reading “The Future Is Unwritten … The Past Has Been Stolen”

Clash Asbury

The Clash @ Asbury Park Convention Hall 1982

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This is a public service announcement. With guitar … You have the right to free Speech as long as you’re not Dumb enough to actually try it … Strummer/Jones In 1982 while most of the first-gen punk bands withered on the vine and died, The Clash were starting a world tour behind their fifth album “Combat Rock”. As a long time Clash fan … it’s not one of my faves. But it’s certainly not their worst. It did yield some hits with “Rock The Casbah”…Continue Reading “The Clash @ Asbury Park Convention Hall 1982”

Billy Idol Fast Lane

Billy Idol @ The Fast Lane 1982

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Long ago and far far away there was a punk “power-pop” band called Generation-X. From the ashes of that British band came the solo career of Billy Idol. When he saw it was time to ready, steady, go go go … Billy did. To some, Billy Idol was just a poser in a leather frock. With his Elvis-Presley-like sneer, pumping rhythms and hand gestures to match he took America by storm with his leather gear and debut EP “Don’t Stop”. With a remake of the…Continue Reading “Billy Idol @ The Fast Lane 1982”