An Angel Comes. An Angel Goes.

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An Angel Comes It was an unseasonably sunny—cool yet warm enough—early fall Sunday morning in Seattle. I had heard tales about a beautiful young calico-tabby-mix cat that had been hanging around the Villa Capri. People were putting food and water out on the landings, as well as boxes—I guess for it to sleep in. I had no personal sighting yet—only stories. People were saying they would see her, but could never touch her—she was skittish. They said she looked very young too. Not seeing her—that…Continue Reading “An Angel Comes. An Angel Goes.”

Hello Rock & Ro!!

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One day we say “good-bye” and the next we say “hello!” And so it goes. Today is another anniversary. It’s the one year anniversary we brought home two new additions to our household. During the time we were preparing ourselves for Mr Mason to head off to ‘the big bunny hop in the sky,’ Chris & I also talked about the possibility of getting another cat. Not that we could ever replace the ‘furry potato’ … but we knew we wanted the joy of raising…Continue Reading “Hello Rock & Ro!!”

Goodnight Sweet Prince

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This is an Anniversary day. But not one I might be inclined to celebrate. No party hats, no music, no icing on a cake. It’s just one year later. I only knew him a short time. No more than a few years. But this furry little beast burrowed his way into my heart. I was sad to say good-bye. Mason, as my partner Chris named him some seventeen years ago, was a big orange boy cat. A Manx to be precise. Chris brought him home…Continue Reading “Goodnight Sweet Prince”