TSFL @ -82 Pounds

Take Shape For Life: Minus 82 Pounds And Counting

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Life is good! How can it not be! I’ve been on the Take Shape For Life program and I’m now minus 82 pounds and counting. Counting down to my second goal weight of 175 pounds. As you can see by my before and after photo on the left, I have come a long way baby, in just twenty-two short weeks. I’m only a few pounds away from my second goal weight of 175 pounds. Then the question is, do I stop there? We’ll see.

What A Difference A Week Makes

What A Difference A Week Makes!

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It’s true! What a difference a week makes … or two. In my last post I talked about being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes again. Since then I was forced to start watching more closely how much food was traveling through my pie hole. It was a wakeup call, to say the least. And to say the most, it was one of the best things to happen to me. Not so much the diabetes, but the ensuing life changes that I needed to make. They…Continue Reading “What A Difference A Week Makes!”

Medicine Show Watching Weight Wane

Medicine Show: Watching Weight Wane

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Today is the first day of the rest of my … oh fuck that noise! With the smell of hamburgers wafting into my bedroom window from Frank’s Deli’s grill exhaust, I contemplate the task at hand. Sadly it’s not a cheeseburger deluxe. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, again! It was something I had about six to seven years ago. At that point I was tipping the scales in the 270 lb neighborhood. But through chemi-chemi-chemicals, diet and exercise I was…Continue Reading “Medicine Show: Watching Weight Wane”