FAIL + Noise = Replaced Apple 24″ LED Cinema Display

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A few days ago I had the most bizarre thing happen. I was working on my computer, a MacBook Pro 15″ 2.53 HHz Intel Core Duo Uni-body and an attached Apple 24″ LED Cinema Display. I was in the middle of something, when the image on the screen split in half. The left half of the screen was on the right and the right half on the left. For a split second  (no pun intended) I freaked! Then my brain immediately went into troubleshooting mode….Continue Reading “FAIL + Noise = Replaced Apple 24″ LED Cinema Display”

Running Men And Other Wonders

Running Men And Other Wonders

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Working with Lynn Peters was an incredible experience. She was an adjunct professor at Brookdale Community College and my first ceramics professor. She was the “nurturing type” of teacher with a philosophical bent. One indicator was her assigning, as part of the course reading, “Zen In The Art Of Archery“. She asked us to meditate before working with the clay. To center ourselves so we might hear what the clay was saying to us. Okay, maybe a little woo woo, but I think that she…Continue Reading “Running Men And Other Wonders”