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Life is dichotomy. Life is duality. The Yin & Yang of light & dark, virtue & evil, up & down … uh … you get the idea. Existential at best. Detached at worst. Round and round goes the world, as does life. The Good News: Went to see my pulmonologist today, after a four month hiatus from him or any Sarcoid drugs. He says though active, my Sarcoid is still mild. Like some milk-toast cheddar from Wisconsin. He doesn’t see any link with any of…Continue Reading “Good news. Bad news.”

Hmmm. I looked in my back pocket. Not there. Looked in my front pockets. Not there either. I looked behind me. I looked on the floor, under the bed. Damn! Where could they be? Somehow I misplaced them. In a situation like this, what do you do? Start from the beginning. Okay … easy enough. It started around 6:59 AM. I heard that sound—that faint beep beep beeping of the alarm. I guess it didn’t really matter. I didn’t really think anything could take it…Continue Reading “Lost and Found”

Just got back from Dr R’s office. Had to have an EKG done. Señor Pulmonologist thought I should have one. I’m too tired to be witty right now … so nothing but the facts. The EKG was okay. My heart has not been affected … yet. This is good news. Now all I have to do is get through my bronchoscopy and lung biopsy tomorrow. After I’ve been poked & peaked at … then it’s time to hold our collective breath for a week ……Continue Reading “EKG-OKAY”

Ride ’em Broncho …

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Ride ’em broncho-scopy. It seems that’s what Señor Pulmonologist will be doing on Tuesday the 12th @ 7:00 AM. And I guess metaphorically I’ll be the bronco. Okay. A new doctor, for a new day, with a new test. How can you go wrong with that? I guess I could come up with a few answers. So … yes … Dr H is going to knock me out, shove a scope down my throat, have a look see, and mine some samples while he’s in…Continue Reading “Ride ’em Broncho …”

Waiting For Godot …

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I’m waiting for Godot, or Godar, or maybe François Truffaut, or any of the other directors of “cinéma de la nouvelle vague française”. Actually I’m waiting for Casey, Dr Mike’s assistant to call me back. He’s investigating getting my pulmonologist appointment moved up. It was set for Monday July 11 @ 2:00 PM, but I didn’t want to have to wait through another weekend for him to take a peak at my lungs … as it were. Miracle of miracles! He did it. Got it…Continue Reading “Waiting For Godot …”

Warning danger Will Robinson! This is a major rant. If you are offended easily, close the window NOW! Or click here. Hi … how are you? Cordial enough. Polite enough. But are people really asking me … how AM I … really? Like most everything else in this life … is it just another desensitized, sanitized question? Homogenized & pasteurized to the point it will not infect or effect? Do I dare tell them? Are they ready to hear how I’m doing. Should I hold…Continue Reading “Hi … how are you?”

We will pump you up!

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We will pump you up! Thank you Hanz & Franz. Thank you Dr Mike. Steroids is the name. Treating Sarcoidosis is the game. Well as much as one can “treat” this disease. As Dr Mike told me today, “Sarcoidosis is the ‘soft’ diagnosis” for what’s going on with me. In other words … this is what we think it is. Now I will have to follow the yellow brick road from Emerald City Medical Arts to the pulmonologist he will send me to. But right…Continue Reading “We will pump you up!”

Yup, it will all come out in the wash. It’s laundry day. Not Independence day. Not Sadie Hawkin’s Day. Not even Boxing Day. (Though Chris and I would like to box things up & move into that 4th floor apartment. Oye! What a view!) It’s just a day to do the wash. Now you would think that a simple task like laundry would have no major repercussions other than clean clothes. But these aren’t ordinary days. Up the stairs. Down the stairs. With my lungs…Continue Reading “Laundry Day”

It’s the weekend. It’s Saturday. No doctors. No tests. No poking. No prodding. No nothin’. I’m just waking up, and I’m not feeling too great. My lungs feel tight this morning. I’m having a bit of trouble breathing. Chris asked me if I wanted to go to the emergency room, but I said “no.” Wouldn’t Nancy Reagan be proud of me! I figured that this is the way my lungs felt yesterday, and this is the way they feel today. I only have to get…Continue Reading “The Land of No”