Rose is a TriCity Cat. Gettin’ on top of the news. Rose is a TriCity Cat. Gettin’ on top of the news. She’s also the sweetest little—and I do mean little—Manx girl-cat you ever saw! Even at 8 years old, she still looks like a kitten. home

Grazin Big Time

Grazin’ in the grass is a gas … baby can you dig it!

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Grazin’ in the grass is a gas … baby can you dig it! My Boy Rocky! My big orange boy cat grazzin’ on a new crop of kitty grass. His sister Rose is not too far behind him.

da bear

Photo: Rosie Being Rosie.

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It always amazes me how much Manx cats like water. I can be washing my hands in the bathroom and Rocky & Rose will be right there watching. And then in a second Rosie will be sitting in the wet sink. She’s certainly and individual & I love her for that. :)

wounded knee

A hummingbird flits at the feeder. Unaware that the rains of fall have come. The coolness of day changes green to orange red. Falling to earth like a shredded patchwork quilt. The flowers are few and nectar is rare, but those flying dynamos carry on. Such persistence. Such dedication to a singular effort. The cats nuzzled together. Keeping warm through their union. The hummingbird persists. The cats unaware and uncaring of their industrious friend’s progress. They’ve had their fill. First eating. Then cleaning. Then sleep….Continue Reading “Wounded Knee”

iCanHaz Battle Cat Action And Or Photos

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Manx cats by nature are a playful lot. Rocky and Rose are no exception. This brother and sister tag team spend some part of every day, chasing each other all over the house. Then when it’s time to “play who’s dominant now” … it’s a trade. Sometimes Rocky … the big orange boy cat. Or Most times his little sister Rose. I never saw a cat that small be the alpha cat in a household. And poor Angel, the oldest cat out of them all…Continue Reading “iCanHaz Battle Cat Action And Or Photos”

Rock & Ro!!

The Kids Are Alright

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The kids are alright. They just celebrated their 3rd birthday. Okay. Shoot me. It’s a fluff piece about our cats. No pun intended. Now we can never be sure when exactly they were born, it’s just an approximation using higher math functions. Or just counting backwards. Though for some … that is is higher math … these days. But I digress. We got them when they were approximately six weeks old … give or take. Rocky and Rose were rescued cats born in a manger…Continue Reading “The Kids Are Alright”

Couldn’t Sleep …

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I couldn’t sleep this morning. Woke up at 4:30 AM. Tried to sleep more … just couldn’t. So I got up. What did I do? I finished the Photo Gallery on my blog. Of course! Well … finished for now. There is still one section still under construction … Photo Art. This one is going to need a bit of scanning & Photoshop cleanup. But it’s doable. :)  Having years & years of negatives and slides, I have my work cut out for me. But I like…Continue Reading “Couldn’t Sleep …”


Cat Overboard

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The sunny days of the previous week had dissolved into gray that day, and the skies wept because of it. The creek was running high from accumulated downpours. The air was cool and damp as I opened the sliding door. I needed that little brisk slap to fully awaken. But then again … did I really need to be fully awake? I sat at my computer like most other mornings watching the cats rustle, stretch and yawn, starting their lazy day. Started my morning reads….Continue Reading “Cat Overboard”