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The Red Book Diaries : Dover : Kent : Great Britain

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hyoid-lie Today is a very strange day. The past and present seemed to have collided. A star has left this solar system & gone to parts unknown. The firmament is less bright as it once was. Its departure also leaves a hole in our collective beings. But as a shooting star travels, it leaves a trail of beauty in its wake. A trail left for all — who might see — listen — hear. I had no intention of writing today, about this star, musician, artist —…Continue Reading “The Red Book Diaries : Dover : Kent : Great Britain”

John Scher Retrospective

John Scher: From The Boardwalk To The Capitol

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hyoid-lie The Asbury Park Music Foundation will be hosting “John Scher: From the Boardwalk to the Capitol” from Novmber 14th to December 27th 2015. John Scher will be at the opening on November 14th to speak about his career and the numerous shows he promoted over the decades. There will be memorabelia, photography, videos, and artwork by: Bob Leafe, Ebert Roberts, David McGough, Moyssi, Kevin Papa, and yours truely — Joe Streno. The event will all take place at: Where Music Lives Performance & Exhibition…Continue Reading “John Scher: From The Boardwalk To The Capitol”

iMac And Back Again

iMac And Back Again 2008 – 2015

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Admittedly, I’ve been an Apple user and serious fanboy since 1986; when I bought my first Mac Plus for my Bond Street recording studio in Asbury Park. From there a Mac II — and ten years later — a SuperMac Mac-Clone. What always amazed me — besides a Mac’s ease of use , and creativity boosting abilities — was how long they lasted! I was never one to buy one Mac, then need to buy the latest and greatest out of Cupertino a year later. Mac’s…Continue Reading “iMac And Back Again 2008 – 2015”

The Pretenders @ Heatwave 1980

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home And now. The End is near. And so I draw the final curtain. This is the last installment of my Heatwave photos …. The Pretenders @ Heatwave 1980. It was the first and only time I ever got the see the Pretenders. Or for that matter, Chrissie Hynde. I can’t say that I remember the set … but it was the Pretenders! It was 1980! They were kicking ass and taking names! How could they NOT be hot! They had released their fist albumn…Continue Reading “The Pretenders @ Heatwave 1980”

Rockpile @ Heatwave

Rockpile With Nick Lowe & Dave Edmonds @ Heatwave 1980

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Been scanning like crazy! Here are my photos of Rockpile With Nick Lowe & Dave Edmonds @ Heatwave 1980. Don’t know what more to say than what I’ve said in my other posts so far. This was the first time I had ever seen Nick Lowe, Dave Edmonds, or Rockpile. On that note alone … it was pretty cool. Add to the mix the rest of the bands playing that day … it was pretty amazing! The Heatwave festival took place on an overcast summer…Continue Reading “Rockpile With Nick Lowe & Dave Edmonds @ Heatwave 1980”


Talking Heads @ Heatwave Festival 1980

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Dusk was falling when they hit the stage. The sun setting, and a full moon rising. This is not the author waxing poetic. It’s just the facts Jack! We were here to see Talking Heads @ Heatwave Festival 1980. The sun was setting in Mosport Park , Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada that warm summer night when Talking Heads hit the stage. It was an incredibly beautiful Saturday night—August 23rd, 1980. We had already seen a host of bands, including The B-52s, The Pretenders, Nick Lowe &…Continue Reading “Talking Heads @ Heatwave Festival 1980”


Elvis Costello And The Attractions @ Heatwave Festival 1980

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This is what happens when I’m “forced” to go looking through my negatives and slides. History jumps up and bites me! Grrrr! Woof! Chomp! But hey … love bites are a good thing! Especially when they involve a group of bands culled to put on the first “punk/new wave festival” in 1980. Yeah okay. First off … I’ve always hated musical descriptors like “new wave”. Make me want to puke, and or jump up and bite someone … with love of course. The Heatwave Festival…Continue Reading “Elvis Costello And The Attractions @ Heatwave Festival 1980”

Graham Parker At The Ritz NYC 1982

Graham Parker @ The Ritz – New York, NY May 5, 1982

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Updated Upate: Boy did I blow this — twice! I’ve changed this post three times now! D’oh! The first time I was corect placing it at The Ritz in NYC. Then I thought it was Irving Plaza, becuase in my brain I thought I NEVER saw a show at The Ritz! My buddy and concert mate Charlie Maraia kept telling me … “No Joe — it WAS the Ritz.” To which I answered, “No! I never saw a show at the Ritz.” I was dead wrong!…Continue Reading “Graham Parker @ The Ritz – New York, NY May 5, 1982”

The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD Release

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The moment I’ve waited for is here! The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD Release … finally! The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD Release will happen in March! It will be available in the US and Canada on the release date of 04/29/2014! Fantastic! The US/Canadian version can be preordered at the Shout Factory website for the miracle price of $13.98 USD. The Rise And Fall Of The Clash will also be released in the EU, UK, Australia too. The Rise…Continue Reading “The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD Release”

Rock & Roll Tour Of The Jersey Shore Volume 4

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I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! Just got 3 copies of the new book— “Rock & Roll Tour Of The Jersey Shore Volume 4” by Stan Goldstein and Jean Mikle. I didn’t buy these shiny new copies. Stan Goldstein a fellow Jersey Shore resident and co-creator of the book series, dropped them off personally. Why? Because I have several color photos of the Clash and Billy Idol in “Rock & Roll Tour Of The Jersey Shore Volume 4”! As the cover copy proclaims:…Continue Reading “Rock & Roll Tour Of The Jersey Shore Volume 4”