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Hello Rock & Ro!!

Instagram: Rock & Ro!!

Now that my beautiful big orange Manx boy-cat Rocky has moved on to a pain free place, I thought it time to take down the Rock...
Charlie Warhol ... ButisitArt!?! 1

Charlie Warhol … ButisitArt!?!

Charlie Warhol … ButisitArt!?! Charlie Warhol: Was looking for something in Lightroom & found these Warhol-esque posterizations I did in Photoshop of photos my friend Charlie...
Equal Time For A Rock Star! 2

Equal Time For A Rock Star!

Equal Time For A Rock Star! Rocky! The boy. The man. The Rock Star! Yeah … had to do an equal time post for him too....
Orange you glad I’m around? 3

Orange you glad I’m around?

Orange you glad I’m around? It was National Pet Day the other day & I took this photo of Rose, A.K.A. “The Bear”. At times she...
Happy 13th Birthday Rose! 4

Happy 13th Birthday Rose!

Happy 13th Birthday Rose!   View this post on Instagram Happy 13th Birthday, Rock & Ro!! Miss Rose, you are compact cuteness to the billionth power!...
Vegan In Training 5

Vegan In Training

Vegan In Training Vegan in training. Yup that’s what I am—on a few levels. I became a total vegan just a few months ago. From that...