The Move

On The Move: Asbury Park, NJ

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It’s been a whirlwind few weeks. I knew I needed to move. I knew I needed a new place to move to. A new home to replace the one I owned and had to short sell. Not only was a long term relationship ending, so was the security they both afforded. After a year on the market, finally, an offer. Months pass. A seeming eternity. We are in the home stretch to closing on November 31st. I flew back to Asbury Park, New Jersey last…Continue Reading “On The Move: Asbury Park, NJ”

No Place Like

joMusic: No Place Like …

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I’ve lived in the “Emerald City” for over sixteen years now. Even saw the Scooter and the Big Man. Here. Of all places! And maybe Dorothy has always been right … “There’s no place like home.” I’ve clicked my heals together so many times. All I have to show for it? Worn out orthotics and flat-ass feet! But I’m not here to complain. Really! The best thing? I got some new original music out of it all. Woo hoo! I’ve had occasion to do a…Continue Reading “joMusic: No Place Like …”

Turn Your Head And ….

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Cough. Cough. Cough Hack! Chris & I have gotten over our colds. Praise the Agnostic gods! Two weeks of unmentionable goo emanating from our collective heads. How can such mass quantities of this viscose gunk come from such a dark damp tiny place? Two boxes of Kleenex later …. I felt bad for Chris. He had to go to work through all this. He trudged off to his workplace, and trudged home feeling equally as bad. I though, was able to stay at home and…Continue Reading “Turn Your Head And ….”

I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in … and kept my mind from withering … from watching bad Monday night TV. The rain was mighty. Seemingly much more mighty than the roof over our collective heads. There was a river torrent flowing down ‘Parking Lot Mountain’ into the storm drain. It was ‘east coast rain’ not the sort we are accustomed to in the Pacific Northwest. It was beyond a misting, beyond a drizzle. No. It was downright teeming. Chris noticed the dripping…Continue Reading “I’m Fixing A Hole …”

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon here in Bridgehaven. Did I mention that most of the folks living here are senior citizens? That’s okay though. I’ve hit fifty. I’m slidin’ into senior citizen-dom myself. Crap! Did I just say that? Yeah .. it’s the truth. Hell …. my partner Chris was told he was ‘middle aged’ by one of his friends. Middle-aged at thirty-six? So I must be sliding into the home plate of cremation … or Cremora. Put that in your coffee! Was hangin’ over…Continue Reading “Bridgehaven”

Okay. It has been a while. I was word pressed. Well … actually it’s been over a year. So much has gone on. So much has improved. But where to start? At he beginning Joe. At the beginning. It seemed like only yesterday … oye … already with the cliches. Okay it seems like it was only, 668 days, no 95 weeks, no, 1 Year, 9 Months, and 30 Days since my last confession or blog entry … take your pick. Break out your abacus…Continue Reading “Word Pressed”