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Vegan In Training

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Vegan in training. Yup that’s what I am—on a few levels. I became a total vegan just a few months ago. From that aspect: I’m a freshly minted vegan. I had been working towards vegetarian for  a while. I started eliminating eggs, milk, and other dairy. The next thing was meat. That wasn’t too hard because by that time I was only eating chicken for the protein. Once the two flats of chicken I had remaining were gone I was almost there—almost. The last hold…Continue Reading “Vegan In Training”

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Medicated Goo : Three Weeks In

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Medicated Goo Steve Winwood & James David Miller So follow me, its good for you That good old fashioned Medicated Goo Ooo, ain’t it good for you? My own homegrown recipe’ll see you thru … Color me … Color me amazed! Color me purple, pink, orange or any other shade you care to. I’m three weeks into being chemically altered, by this “Medicated Goo” called Wellbutrin; more correctly the generic Bupropion. This Medicated Goo is good for you; well … for me. It may not be a…Continue Reading “Medicated Goo : Three Weeks In”


Tech Fail: I Sing The Body Electric

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Tech Fail: I Sing The Body Electric or — what the hell was THAT! Update: 08.08.2014 – Cardiologist Visit It started several weeks ago. I’m minding my own business in the gym. I’m doing my hour long workout, when all of a sudden a woman’s voice comes through my headset saying, “Warning! Your heart rate is now 180 bmp.” A few moments later, “Warning! Your heart rate is now 240 bmp.” WTF!!!! Okay, maybe some backstory is appropriate now. A few months ago, I was…Continue Reading “Tech Fail: I Sing The Body Electric”

Ride Far. Cast A Giant Shadow.

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The odometer, tick, tick, ticks. The suspension pops and clicks. Incline ahead, I switch gears. It’s become second nature. It’s become a meditation and possibly a metaphore for my life. Scenery whizzes by but is it seen? Feeling the wind rush over me, like cool water from a river on a hot summer day. The sun splashing down from blue blue skies upon a broadened back and shaded eye. I push, and I pedal, and I glide further along. An extra tenth, another quarter ……Continue Reading “Ride Far. Cast A Giant Shadow.”

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Transformation: What A Difference A Year Makes

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What a difference a year makes! It’s quite unbelievable, on March 12, 2012 I set foot into the Visiting Nurses Clinic of Asbury Park and saw nurse practitioner Pat Garduno. Our first meeting, though fruitful, was not the warm, caring, supportive, experience I was use to with my former primary care physician, Dr Rosenfield, back in Seattle. But it was an eye opener! Before I walked in I knew my Type II Diabetes was back and in full swing. A single finger stick glucose test validated that—with a 420 glucose…Continue Reading “Transformation: What A Difference A Year Makes”

Something To Smile About

Something To Smile About: Losing 67 Pounds

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They say I’m on a journey. But my legs aren’t even tired. Though I did travel some three thousand miles to get here. And strangely enough, I’ve been here before, both historically and logistically. In the parlance of Take Shape For Life, the optimum health program I’m currently using, this process of losing weight is part of that journey. And I must say, I have arrived! Some ten years ago, I decided to go back to the gym, shape up & lose weight. I decided…Continue Reading “Something To Smile About: Losing 67 Pounds”

workout sheet

Gym Life – Week 10 + Workout Sheet

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Not a lot to report in week 10. I’m still at 260 lbs and holding. Though I had to go from my (dare I say it) size 42 jeans to my size 40 jeans which I had stored away for this occasion. Two inches is just the start … I hope. My 42 jeans were getting way too loose. So I climbed up into the attic and brought the 40’s down. In there was a pair or 36″ jeans … oh someday soon(?). Actually that…Continue Reading “Gym Life – Week 10 + Workout Sheet”

TNT Diet

I’ve been doing this now for 9 weeks. I had lost only 15 lbs in the first 7 weeks and hit a plateau already. Okay did I just say ONLY 15 lbs! Oye! Let’s be real. That is pretty good! Having gone through this loss and plateau situation before I kind of knew what had to be done. A change up in my workouts or maybe get a trainer again. At the end of one of my workouts last week I talked to one of…Continue Reading “Gym Life: Week 9”

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Gym Life – Week 6

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I can’t believe that it’s been six weeks since I started working out again. Week 6! In that six weeks I’ve dropped fifteen pounds. Yes FIFTEEN POUNDS! I have been workin’ my butt of figuratively and literally. And it feels good! If I were a goal oriented kind of guy … I’d like to be 198 by my 53rd birthday. That might be unrealistic … but hey I sure can try! BTW … for those of you interested and wanting to lavish gifts upon me…Continue Reading “Gym Life – Week 6”

Gym Life Week 3

My Gym Life – Week 3

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I joined LA Fitness two weeks ago, after having gone through a free week previously giving myself and the gym a test run. I can’t believe it’s been three weeks already. Wow! And it’s already starting to pay off. I wish I could say I already looked like my picture to the left, circa early 2002 … but I have lost 8 lbs already. Way back in August of 2001 I started back to the gym “the first time.” Well at least the first time…Continue Reading “My Gym Life – Week 3”