Fast Lane

Life In The Fast Lane – Asbury Park NJ

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Sometimes good things do come to those who wait. In  my case it’s true. A few months ago I was invited by the Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation to show the collection of bands I photographed on the stage of the historic Fast Lane in Asbury Park, NJ. Color me honored! The show will include my photographs of Billy Idol, Mink DeVille, Carolyne Mas, Ronnie Spector, The A’s, John Eddie And The Front Street Runners, and Junior Smoots And The Disturbers. All of these shows were…Continue Reading “Life In The Fast Lane – Asbury Park NJ”

Carolyne Mas 1980

Carolyne Mas @ The Fast Lane – 1980

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I’m amazed at the things we sometimes tuck away in the shoebox that is our memory. Here is a shining example of a band I loved and listened to during a period in my life that somehow got tucked away in that shoebox at the back of the closet. Back in the late seventies, early eighties I loved a singer songwriter and true rock & roller—Carolyne Mas. More than likely, Vince Scelsa, or Dave Herman of WNEW played her back to back with a Bruce…Continue Reading “Carolyne Mas @ The Fast Lane – 1980”

Ronnie Spector Fast Lane

Ronnie Spector @ The Fast Lane – Asbury Park, NJ

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The night we met I knew I needed you so And if I had the chance I’d never let you go So won’t you say you love me? I’ll make you so proud of me We’ll make ’em turn their heads every place we goSo won’t you, please? (Be my, be my baby) Be my little baby …Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich Okay! Here we go …! More oldies but goodies from my negative vault. I got busy scanning photos. This time I’m posting Ronnie…Continue Reading “Ronnie Spector @ The Fast Lane – Asbury Park, NJ”

John Eddie Fast Lane

This show was a double bill. John Eddie And The Front Street Runners opening for Mink DeVille at the Fast Lane in Asbury Park … some summer night in 1981. The exact date escapes my aging brain cells. Don’t remember if anyone went with me to see this show. But for those who might remember … you now what to do … write about it in the comments. Makes me wish I would have written in my journal a bit more back then. And so…Continue Reading “John Eddie @ The Fast Lane – 1981”

Billy Idol Fast Lane

Billy Idol @ The Fast Lane 1982

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Long ago and far far away there was a punk “power-pop” band called Generation-X. From the ashes of that British band came the solo career of Billy Idol. When he saw it was time to ready, steady, go go go … Billy did. To some, Billy Idol was just a poser in a leather frock. With his Elvis-Presley-like sneer, pumping rhythms and hand gestures to match he took America by storm with his leather gear and debut EP “Don’t Stop”. With a remake of the…Continue Reading “Billy Idol @ The Fast Lane 1982”

The A's Fast Lane 1980

The A’s @ The Fast Lane – Asbury Park, NJ – 1980

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As I promised in my previous post … more photos of the A’s. This gig was The A’s @ The Fast Lane – Asbury Park, NJ – 1980. Ms Dorothy was not in attendance … hence the dressing room over the shoulder shot of Richard creating the set list for that night. There are a few people in the dressing room that I don’t remeber. Richard … Rocco … a little help please? I know Donnie Demarco, but there are others that escape me. I…Continue Reading “The A’s @ The Fast Lane – Asbury Park, NJ – 1980”

Junior Smoots Fast Lane

UPDATE: Junior Smoots @ The Fast Lane … NOT Junior Smoots @ The Harbor Inn … D’oh! Thanks to Bruce St. Laurent (Smoots Sound guy) for pointing out what should have been obvious to me. :) These are live shots I took of Junior Smoots And The Disturbers at the Fast Lane, Asbury Park, NJ. The photos were taken one night in August of 1982.  If you were there, leave a comment, or just leave a comment for the hell of it. :) Thanks for visiting ……Continue Reading “Junior Smoots @ The Fast Lane”