And The Hits Keep On Coming

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It was an unremarkable Monday. Got up. Had my protein shake went to the gym. Did upper body & my physical therapy exercises for my “wounded knee”. Watched cute muscle boyz at the gym. Woof! Hey …. I might be aging … but I’m not blind! Went home cooked up another protein shake & eggs for breakfast. Then headed off to meet a client at Peet’s Coffee in Fremont. Pretty typical Monday so far. Met with Dave & Greg formally of Passage Maker Yachts here…Continue Reading “And The Hits Keep On Coming”

I feel the need to shower. It’s time to come clean. Not in a drench me with lukewarm  water in an enclosed box kind of thing. I think this is more a metaphoric shower. In my posts talking about my autoimmune disease Sarcoidosis, I’ve always disguised my doctors’ names. It’s time to come clean. I realized that those folks who do read my posts about Sarcoidosis may be looking for doctors to be their advocates. I know that the process of diagnosis, and just having…Continue Reading “Capacity -10%”

Warning danger Will Robinson! This is a major rant. If you are offended easily, close the window NOW! Or click here. Hi … how are you? Cordial enough. Polite enough. But are people really asking me … how AM I … really? Like most everything else in this life … is it just another desensitized, sanitized question? Homogenized & pasteurized to the point it will not infect or effect? Do I dare tell them? Are they ready to hear how I’m doing. Should I hold…Continue Reading “Hi … how are you?”