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joe streno by charlie maraia

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Been posting a lot of ancient history lately. Could be that my 59th birthday is a day away. Could be that a lot of people have recently left this planet for parts unknown. Maybe I’m just bored. I’m certainly vain enough. Whatever the reason, I had to post these photos of me — joe streno — as photographed by Charlie Maraia circa 1982. Charlie was working as an assistant for a photographer in Manhattan at the time. I befriended Charlie when we were both attending CW Post on…Continue Reading “joe streno by charlie maraia”

Kickin It Old School 02

Kickin’ It Old School

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Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend the magnitude of time. Put simply—time’s a fatherfucker! And he’s sure having his way with me! Boom! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I started back to college—the second time aound—Spring session of 1978 at the CW Post campus of Long Island University, at the tender age ot twenty-one. Twenty one??!! WTF!!!??? How can that be? I’m hearing the voice of Vin Scelsa, warm, low, and bassy, pumping musical goodness into my brain. Making me…Continue Reading “Kickin’ It Old School”

Gang Of Four

Gang Of Four . Long Island . 1978

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Okay! It’s official! I’ve become a doddering codger! One too many synapses have misfired & my prefrontal cortex is Pretty Vacant or so it seems. Maybe I’m being a little too hard on myself. Or maybe not. I started attending CW Post Center of Long Island University in the spring of 1978. (Had to look that one up too!) I was twenty-one. Going back to school to get a degree. I was living in the dorms with Danny Laughlin. Through him I met Tom Quinlavin. Tom…Continue Reading “Gang Of Four . Long Island . 1978”

London Calling

London Calling

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London calling to the faraway towns Now that war is declared-and battle come down London calling to the underworld Come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girls … (Strummer/Jones) And so we did. On so many levels. It was the summer of 1982. At least the beginning of it. I had graduated from CW Post Center of Long Island University. I had already seen all three Asbury Park Clash shows and my friend Charlie Maraia (also a Post toasty) and I were about to…Continue Reading “London Calling”

The Clash @ The Paladium

The Clash @ The Palladium NYC 1980

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In 1980 I was attending school at  CW Post Center of Long Island University. I was also sharing an apartment in Oyster Bay Long Island with 3 women: Cande Roth, Ellyn Solis, and Dorothy (Orant) Morrison. The night I moved into this insane asylum I ended three years of being a non-smoker. I purchased that pack of Newports … and torched up the first smoke, and didn’t quit again until the early 90’s. In my years at Post I was a communications major and later…Continue Reading “The Clash @ The Palladium NYC 1980”

Talking Heads CW Post

The Talking Heads @ CW Post 1978

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Back in 1978 I was attending CW Post Center of Long Island University. I was a communications major. I aspired to be a radio DJ like my radio heros Vince Scelsa & Dave Herman from WNEW FM in New York. There were other reason that brought me back to school … and yes Bruce was one of them. I also experienced a friend dying from carbon monoxide poisoning because he was too drunk to get into his house. He slept in his car with the…Continue Reading “The Talking Heads @ CW Post 1978”