big siliconundrum

Everything in Nature contains all the powers of Nature.  Everything is made of one hidden stuff – Clay. Ralph Waldo Emerson Silica: a major component of raw clay, glass and ceramic glazes. Conundrum: a logical postulation that evades resolution, an intricate and difficult problem, a riddle that is usually answered by a pun. Siliconundrum: how I saw making art with clay. Or more accurately how I came to see clay art after having spent a few year at Alfred University studying art and parsing my visual vocabulary. But ultimately,…Continue Reading “Siliconundrum – And So It Ends”

Running Men And Other Wonders

Working with Lynn Peters was an incredible experience. She was an adjunct professor at Brookdale Community College and my first ceramics professor. She was the “nurturing type” of teacher with a philosophical bent. One indicator was her assigning, as part of the course reading, “Zen In The Art Of Archery“. She asked us to meditate before working with the clay. To center ourselves so we might hear what the clay was saying to us. Okay, maybe a little woo woo, but I think that she…Continue Reading “Running Men And Other Wonders”

Adam The First Man

This post was previously published on my other blog I decided to close down & move those few posts to my personal blog @ Maybe one day in the future when I have a studio and am producing work, I’ll start it back up … but probably not. Siliconundrum still lives on in my mind and my heart. And now back to our regular programming … It all started sometime in 1990. I was in a committed relationship, living in a Long…Continue Reading “And So It Begins”