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Berylliosis vs Sarcoidosis = Misdiagnosis?

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hyoid-lie Sometimes I wonder … Is this live? Or is this Memorex? Am I awake? Or have I dreamed nearly fifty-nine years of my so called life? Yesterday, I had any one of those moments. Berylliosis vs Sarcoidosis = Misdiagnosis? The hour + drive up to Rutgers University Medical in Newark, NJ was pretty uneventful. A bit of construction still happening on the old Garden State Parkway — but nothing major. I made it there with time to spare for my 10:45 AM appointment with…Continue Reading “Berylliosis vs Sarcoidosis = Misdiagnosis?”

Hmmm. I looked in my back pocket. Not there. Looked in my front pockets. Not there either. I looked behind me. I looked on the floor, under the bed. Damn! Where could they be? Somehow I misplaced them. In a situation like this, what do you do? Start from the beginning. Okay … easy enough. It started around 6:59 AM. I heard that sound—that faint beep beep beeping of the alarm. I guess it didn’t really matter. I didn’t really think anything could take it…Continue Reading “Lost and Found”

Just got back from Dr R’s office. Had to have an EKG done. Señor Pulmonologist thought I should have one. I’m too tired to be witty right now … so nothing but the facts. The EKG was okay. My heart has not been affected … yet. This is good news. Now all I have to do is get through my bronchoscopy and lung biopsy tomorrow. After I’ve been poked & peaked at … then it’s time to hold our collective breath for a week ……Continue Reading “EKG-OKAY”

Ride ’em Broncho …

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Ride ’em broncho-scopy. It seems that’s what Señor Pulmonologist will be doing on Tuesday the 12th @ 7:00 AM. And I guess metaphorically I’ll be the bronco. Okay. A new doctor, for a new day, with a new test. How can you go wrong with that? I guess I could come up with a few answers. So … yes … Dr H is going to knock me out, shove a scope down my throat, have a look see, and mine some samples while he’s in…Continue Reading “Ride ’em Broncho …”