For The People By The People

For The People. By The People. A Clash Photo Book By Joe Streno

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“For The People. By The People.” I came to the Clash as a fan. I heard the British import of their first self titled album when it first came out … and I was hooked! When I went to the Palladium to see them for the first time in 1980, I went as a fan, who happened to bring his camera. And even as I gained access to get back stage at Bonds (thanks Brenda!) or got guest listed to the three Asbury Park shows…Continue Reading “For The People. By The People. A Clash Photo Book By Joe Streno”

The Clash Bonds NYC

The Clash @ Bonds NYC 1981

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The Clash @ Bonds NYC 1981 – The Clash shows at Bonds in New York were the height of classic Clash self promotion. Well in my eyes at least. Like Joe disappearing before concert tours, or Topper’s in Topper’s out. How exactly does one “over sell” tickets to a show. You know the occupancy level of a venue, it’s a finite number. You sell X many tickets per show. How hard can that be? But not Bonds. Not this time. There were so many people…Continue Reading “The Clash @ Bonds NYC 1981”


The Future Is Unwritten … The Past Has Been Stolen

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I’m feeling horribly sad. Pain welling up. Like having the crusty brown crackling scab of a deep wound ripped from my flesh. Feeling the pain and discomfort, but realizing, I was only feeling a pea under the mattress of time, poking me in my minds eye. Hey you! Wake up! Wake the fuck up! Joe is gone. Joe? Joe who? Joe Streno? No! Joe Strummer. I’m back stage at Bonds, NYC. It’s 1981. I’m seeing it though the eyes of another. Out of body? Am…Continue Reading “The Future Is Unwritten … The Past Has Been Stolen”