Poser! I’m not a poser by nature; using the British slang: “One who attempts to appear to others as something they are not, especially by their manner of dress; a charlatan.” So taking a photo — like the one you see — is not something I’m comfortable with. But to be able to see my “vegan gains” I need reference photos. As much as I work out now, and as much as my body is changing, I still sometimes think with my 275 pound “fat brain”. There…Continue Reading “Vegan Gains: The Journey Continues”

Living The Sarcoid Life

I had a realization just the other day, while on the treadmill at the gym. It was seven years ago this month that I started “Livin’ La Vida Sarcoid”. Well … I should be a bit clearer. It was seven years ago this month I started back at the gym … the first time around. At that time I was lookin’ down the double barrel of my 45th birthday. A momentous occasion, maybe. But something inside of me, it could have been all the fat,…Continue Reading “Livin’ The Sarcoid Life”