Though Sandy has come and gone, and left a trail of devastation behind, I’m going to write about Hurricane Sandy: Before the Deluge. We started getting warning many days in advance. A storm was coming like no other seen before. What started as a tropical storm eventually became a full blown hurricane. Nothing out of the ordinary. What was extraordinary? The prediction of landfall on the NY, NJ coast and how far inland it might come, because of a host of odd weather fronts that…Continue Reading “Hurricane Sandy: Before The Deluge”

Asbury Park NJ

It’s memorial day weekend. It’s cold and it’s gray in Seattle. Forecast? Rain! Rain! Rain! Go figure! I always have to remind myself. Joe. There are other parts of the world where the forecast is … sun, sun, sun & fun, fun, fun! Like. Wait for it. Asbury Park, NJ! ; ) Asbury Park, NJ? Really? Yeah … really! We have history. We have rapport. Though we’ve been estranged, we’re not irreconcilable. I’ve paid my dues in purgatory. Now I want my reborn “city in…Continue Reading “Trading Places: Destination Asbury Park, NJ”

3 musketeers

Should I stay … or should I go. It was the question I asked before the fateful trip. The Asbury excursion. The one to reunite the three. In my heart I was waiting for this moment. I couldn’t be in attendance last year. But this year I WANTED to be there. I hadn’t seen any of them since the mid-nineteen-eighties. For argument’s sake and our love of round numbers I’ll call it twenty-five. Had it been that long? Maybe. Maybe more. Even our collective (failing)…Continue Reading “The 3 Musketeers – Asbury Park, NJ 2010 – The Story Continues”

Greetings From Asbury Park Casino

Here I am. Back where it all started. It’s amazing. It’s amusing. It’s a place I’ve iconized in my minds eye. It was a place of growth and a place of rebirth. For me. For many. Part of something bigger than all of us. Youth. Art. Music. Lust. Passion. A culmination of time, talent, opportunity, and friendships, crystallizing into the stuff dreams are made of. But at what point do we wake up? It’s now 2010 some 25 years later. Time has taken a toll,…Continue Reading “Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ”