The Human Element Stone Pony 08.19.1986

Once upon a time, there was a Jersey shore band called The Human Element. Born in a garage in Keyport, NJ — or at least the seed was planted that day – a group of friends met to audition a guitar player and vocalist. The sounds were very garage, white boy reggae, ska, post punk, in nature. And the vibe felt good. A young man by the name of Joe Streno strapped on his gray Strat Elite and started to play the chord changes of…Continue Reading “The Human Element @ The Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ – 08.19.1986”

John Scher Retrospective

The Asbury Park Music Foundation will be hosting “John Scher: From the Boardwalk to the Capitol” from Novmber 14th to December 27th 2015. John Scher will be at the opening on November 14th to speak about his career and the numerous shows he promoted over the decades. There will be memorabelia, photography, videos, and artwork by: Bob Leafe, Ebert Roberts, David McGough, Moyssi, Kevin Papa, and yours truely — Joe Streno. The event will all take place at: Where Music Lives Performance & Exhibition Center…Continue Reading “John Scher: From The Boardwalk To The Capitol”

Joe Grushecky Bruce Springsteen Wonder Bar

It was a sultry summer day at the Jesey shore — like so many others. People flocked to Asbury Park to help escape the heat and humidity of their homes.  The beaches and boardwalk were packed — like way back in the days of old! There were those who had also come to see Joe Grushecky And The Houserockers with special guest Eddie Manion on saxophone at the Wonder Bar. Though Grushecky and crew hail from Pittsburgh, PA, they have become sanctified by Asbury Park fans and…Continue Reading “Joe Grushecky & Bruce Springsteen @ Wonder Bar – Asbury Park NJ – 7.18.2015”

The Red Book Diaries - The Preamble

The Red Book Diaries — these posts will consist of excerpts of the raw transcribed diary pages I kept prior to, and during a month long trip I took with my friend Charlie Maraia back in 1982. We traveled to the UK and France. Sometimes these pages will be quite raw. Emotionally raw. Verbally raw. But accurate to what was going on and what I was feeling during those times. I may augment the text with photos, music, or other sundries to help illustrate what might have been…Continue Reading “The Red Book Diaries : The Preamble”

Joe @ Hoover Hootenanny 5 Featured Image

Did I dream it? Did it really happen? Already? Yes, The Hoover Hootenanny 5 – The Last Hoot has come & gone! Sadly, all good things DO come to an end. Harumph! Though it has come and gone, it certainly was one to remember! I’ve been in attendance for all five of the Hoover Hootenannies and this was certainly the earliest. June 21st was a brilliantly sunny and not too warm Saturday. By the 5:00 PM start time, the temp cooled down even more, to the point…Continue Reading “joMusic: Hoover Hootenanny 5 – The Last Hoot”

Carolyne Mas 1980

I’m amazed at the things we sometimes tuck away in the shoebox that is our memory. Here is a shining example of a band I loved and listened to during a period in my life that somehow got tucked away in that shoebox at the back of the closet. Back in the late seventies, early eighties I loved a singer songwriter and true rock & roller—Carolyne Mas. More than likely, Vince Scelsa, or Dave Herman of WNEW played her back to back with a Bruce…Continue Reading “Carolyne Mas @ The Fast Lane – 1980”

Joe Strummer - Know Your Rights

It was a deliciously sunny—and just warm enough—October Saturday morning. Great day for the Asbury Underground Music & Art Crawl along Cookman Ave, here in Asbury Park, NJ. It started at the Kiss My Art Gallery at 1:00 PM and continued with other “pop-up” events all up and down Cookman. It finished with the last show at the Parlor Gallery at 5:30 PM. A fantastic day of art and music pulled together by Asbury Underground, Art Tank, Liquitex, ArtsCap, Art629, and AP Vibe. I also had…Continue Reading “Asbury Underground Music & Art Crawl”

Ronnie Spector Fast Lane

The night we met I knew I needed you so And if I had the chance I’d never let you go So won’t you say you love me? I’ll make you so proud of me We’ll make ’em turn their heads every place we goSo won’t you, please? (Be my, be my baby) Be my little baby …Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich Okay! Here we go …! More oldies but goodies from my negative vault. I got busy scanning photos. This time I’m posting Ronnie…Continue Reading “Ronnie Spector @ The Fast Lane – Asbury Park, NJ”

Sleeping With The Fishes

Sonny: What the hell is this? Clemenza: It’s a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes. It may not have been a Sicilian message, but it was as brutal a message as Mario Puzo might have painted in the Godfather. Another assassin struck, and the east coast was its unwilling mark. Sandy was the henchman and the eastern seaboard was Luca. And sadly, all too much of New York and New Jersey now sleeps with the fishes. None of my pre-Sandy readiness…Continue Reading “Hurricane Sandy: Sleeping With The Fishes”