The Clash @ Asbury Park, NJ 1982 – The Lost Photos

  • Thursday / June 2, 2011
Clash Asbury Park

The Clash @ Asbury Park, NJ 1982 – The Lost PhotosThe

The Clash @ Asbury Park, NJ 1982 - The Lost PhotosThis past Memorial Day weekend marked the 29th anniversary of the Clash shows in Asbury Park, NJ, that started the U.S. tour for Combat Rock. I wrote about it in a previous post The Clash @ Asbury Park Convention Hall 1982.

Over the weekend a couple of friends of mine linked to that post from Facebook. I also commented about it in AP Boardwalk, and In! Asbury. Both Facebook groups about … Asbury Park, NJ. In a private note someone sent me. they relayed a story of how they too were there at one of the shows and the private party at the Casino. They also asked me if I had any other photos, because she was hoping tat she might be in the background of some of the party shots not currently on the aforementioned blog post. I said that was all I had. Which then made me think …. was it? I had to have taken several rolls. Even if I took only four 36 exposure rolls, that would have been 144 slides. Did I ditch all the “bad” shots or were there more someplace that I never scanned. A conundrum indeed!

Being bored today … I went good slide hunting. To my amazement, I found 12 more photos from that weekend in one of my archival storage library boxes. Damn!!!! And some of these shots are pretty good. Don’t know why I set them aside. Another conundrum.

So I will post the 12 shots here on this post, and also integrate them into the original post. There are a few live shots, but also some nice shots from the party too. Including a series of Terry Chimes AKA Tory Crimes, the then Clash drummer, having a conversation with a fan. And more …

Let me know what you think in the comments …


The Clash @ Asbury Park – Lost Photos
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Joe Streno

Joe Streno

artist . musician . photographer . apple computer consultant . residing on planet earth with his two cats rocky & rose & living to tell tales about it

Blog Comments

Thank you! Maybe they left the stage to take a break and I thought they made a comment about playing less time. Yes, I was directly in front of the stage, so it certainly was intimate for me. Thanks for jogging my memory.


Was watching a documentary just last night about the Clash, and kept telling my husband I know I saw them down at the Jersey shore in the early 80’s, and if my memory serves me well, an audience member in a misguided fit of enthusiasm, I guess, threw some kind of firecracker or M80 – something – at one of the band mates, and they had to cut the concert short. Does this sound familiar to anyone????? This must be the show, Asbury Park, it was an awesome, intimate venue and I couldn’t have been more than a few people away from the band. So disappointed they cut it short. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I’d love to have confirmation of this.

Joe Streno

Irene, you are not mistaken. The Clash played Convention Hall in Asbury Park for three nights May 28th, 29th & 30th, 1982. And yes some jerk did toss an M80 at one of the shows.n But the show was not cut short. Also convention hall is like a glorified gymnasium, so intimate may not be the right descriptor. Though if you were close to the stage like I was, it certainly was intimate. : )

Here is my original post:

If you read the comments the guy who threw the M80 at the show left a comment.


Hey Joe,
Was celebrating my 18th bday (5/25/82) at the Empress Hotel in my ‘regular room’ on the 4th floor with my neighbors The Clash who were also staying on the 4th floor. One of my favorite stories from that weekend was hanging out with Cosmo when he was going over a list of opening bands to hire, since their opening band had cancelled. When U2’s name came up, I interrupted Cosmo and I said “my friends and I were really loving that new group and what a great bill The Clash & U2 would be” and Cosmo gave me one of my best life lessons when he told me “You never hire an opening band that’s better than the headliner”. I have to say that Joey Strummer was the most incredible human being I’ve ever met. I have a million memories from that weekend, especially the party at the Casino. Thanks.


Hi Joe – Great shots… I’m a big fan of the Clash and saw the shows that year in AP and was stoked to come across these… I work on the boardwalk in AP at Lightly Salted Surf Shop. Stop by sometime, would love to here the stories/history behind the shots.

Joe Streno

Hi Chuck …

Wow … It’s rare to run into people who went to those shows. I will most certainly stop by … seeing I’m living in Asbury again at 6th & Main.

Being self employed … I have plenty of time. See you soon. :)


ok, so what would it take for you to self-publish these int oa a book? Hmmm? Aurora thinks that your shots in this set are so freaking amazing! I obviously agree. Fantastic photography Joe.

Joe Streno

First …. thank you both.

What would it take? Hmmmmm. Besides money? I need to sit my ass down … oh wait …. I am sitting down …. I’m part way there! Then working on a concept, design, implementation, publishing, distribution, sales. Ready! Steady! Go!

I also have a lot of retouching to do on the Palladium show slides. They encountered some nasty 3rd party color lab development back in the day.

I have been getting a lot of encouragement to do the project. So …… We shall see. We shall see.

Aurora & Alex … Of all my Clash photos, what 3 photos (each) are your faves? You can eMail me the choices or post here. You know Clash-mas is coming up. : )

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