The A’s @ Emerald City 1980

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The A's Emerald City 1980

In my many incarnations as photographer, documenter, and fan boy, I attended quite a few shows of the local Philidelphia band … The A’s. Don’t know if I would have ever discovered them on my own, but I can thank friend and X-gFriend Dorothy for that introduction.

The toughest part about all this is trying to recollect times, places, and faces from back then. I certainly remeber Richard Bush (vocals), his songwriting partner Rocco Notte (keyboards), Rick DiFonzo (guitar), Terry Bortman (bass) and Mike Snyder (drums) … but the dates of some of these gigs are a little fuzzy. I know the year … I documented that on my negative sleeves along with the venue. Other than that … if you remember anything about the gigs … leave it in the comments.

The A's
In 1980 I was still going to CW Post Center in Long Island. I was working on my BA in communications and film. This may have been between semesters … but who knows. Not important.

What I do remember is the gig was radio broadcast. (WMMR?) Again … if you know more about this gig, or were there … leave a comment.

Enjoy. There will be more A’s photos coming in the near(?) future. :)

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5 thoughts on “The A’s @ Emerald City 1980

  1. I remember seeing the A’s at Emerald City (and many other places back in the 80’s). Didn’t they open for the Ramones at Emerald City ? My memory has become a bit foggy….

    1. I saw them a lot in the late 70s early 80s … don’t know if they opened up for the Ramones @ EC. Not at any show I saw, at least.

      Lost memories & revisionist history … welcome to old age! ;) lol

  2. joe love your photos…have the recordings from the emerald city show..could send them if you could walk me thru steps of my year old MAC…

  3. Hey Joe,
    Some really great shots! I’ve never seen them before. Hope you can make it out to a Peace Creeps show. I’d love to see you! Peace.

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