Junior Smoots Fast Lane

UPDATE: Junior Smoots @ The Fast Lane … NOT Junior Smoots @ The Harbor Inn … D’oh! Thanks to Bruce St. Laurent (Smoots Sound guy) for pointing out what should have been obvious to me. :)
These are live shots I took of Junior Smoots And The Disturbers at the Fast Lane, Asbury Park, NJ. The photos were taken one night in August of 1982.  If you were there, leave a comment, or just leave a comment for the hell of it. :)

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Junior Smoots & The Disturbers @ The Fast Lane
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01 of 25 - Junior Smoots & The Disturbers - Fast Lane - 1982
Joe Streno
artist . musician . photographer . apple computer consultant . residing in asbury park nj with his two cats rocky & rose & living to tell tales about it

10 thoughts on “Junior Smoots @ The Fast Lane

  1. Hi Joe, Judy, anyone who knew Gary,
    my how time moves on and how our memories are so fond,
    how a song we hear now a days can just bring memories flooding back,
    and seem like Gary just said, Hey listen to this, like he cojured it up from afar for all that loved him, heard him, really knew him, moved by him.,
    mostly bringing smiles, laughs, and a tear or two of past times,
    ALWAYS, seems to happen esp on his birthday, 3/5, and his passing day 3/10.
    Hope this post brings you smiles too !!

  2. Yeah, it’s really me. The JAH really IS my initials. Do any of you guys remember the Thanksgiving dinner I made at the Wall house? Somebody did a hit of acid and laid on the couch while you all ate? Joe Streno, I remember your name but not too much of you staying there. Sorry. I remember our Vibraphone player too, DesMOND! Genius on the thing! I too am HIV positive, have been since 1997, and now I’m 67- imagine that!
    Lots of people were haters in those days because I was 11 yrs older than my Smush. But we didn’t care what anybody thought. We were lovers and I’m proud of it. We had a hard time saying goodbye. I knew before anyone about his plans to end the band and do G’peace. I’m a published author working on autobiography of my life, Yes, everything. Not gon’na hide our last “I’ll always love you.” He was a wonderful man. He comes to me in my dreams and there… we are still in love.

    1. Hi Judy …

      It’s been many years since I lived in Wall & Lakewood with the band. Gary asked me to live with you guys in the Wall house when Vito was leaving the Wall house. I lived in the room off the kitchen, door on the left as you came up the stairs. And in the Lakewood house I lived in the room to the right of the stairs.

      I always kept in touch with Gary when he left for Seattle. I still have a few letters he wrote, which were treats, because he didn’t like to write letters. We mostly talked on the phone.

      BTW … Judy … what IS your real name. In all these years I’m not sure I ever knew. I’d love to read some of your writings. Are they published under Judy JAH Joots or your real name?

      Glad you found my blog and my posts and my photos. Happy to hear you are alive and doing well. I do understand the older/younger thing. All of my partners have been 10+ years younger than me. : ) It’s all good.


  3. Wow this brings back memories–I think the pictures are actually from the fast lane in Asbury–
    I had the pleasure of doing sound for Smoots for a couple of years in the early 80’s . In fact I just copied a casette from the Harbor Inn onto a CD!! Good times –Looking to get in touch with anyone from the band my E-Mail is YZ400ride@aol.com
    Hope to hear from you

  4. Hey Joe Been a long long time Nice to see Smoots and Disturbers are still remembered! Enjoyed checkin’ out these sites! Yeah I’m still kickin’! Got 4 Great kids and am doin’ well! Living in Basking Ridge NJ Like to say HIGH to all the old guys, Kevin,Vito,chino,Kenny D. Denny,Rich Stout,Tommy Mears,Bruce Saint Laurent,Joy crosslin,Patti Parker,Bubba,Lamont, etc. etc. etc! We had a great time back then and wish we could go back and start over!! lol Keep Keepin’ with the precious memories!!! Love and respect Tracy Lawrence

  5. Hey Joe-
    Thanks for the flashback! Long time no see. Those were sure strange & wonderful times.
    I joined the Disturbers already in progress.. Fall ’82 after a Clarence Clemmons tour.
    We got to make some great music together, and had alot of fun. (Probably much more than I can remember!) I’m still in touch with Kevin, Vito and Chino. Hope this finds you well & happy.
    Tommy Meares

  6. wow.

    thanks for this. i remember the disturbers back when we played the same clubs – which are mostly gone now – except for the pony. before i moved to sf in ’84, i was in a band called ‘lost in the shuffle’. we did some recording and had the smoot sax man do a track with us. i forget his name. he was awesome. thanks for posting these. i wish you had some of the drummer – that boy kicked hella ass.

    sorry to know Gary’s not with us, now. we was an inspiration.


  7. Joe- I don’t know what made me decide to Google Jr Smoots, but I was pleasantly surprised to see your blog. I first heard Smoots in the summer of ’84 at the Horrible Inn and got there just about every Friday night until sometime in the spring of ’85 (if I remember correctly) when Smoots suddenly took off and the band folded (except for a short-lived Smootless period). Rumors abounded, one of which was that Smoots took off to sail on a Greenpeace boat. Do you know what really happened?

    1. Hi Joe …

      It was all so long ago … and so far away.

      If you’ve read my other posts you know Gary & I were good friends. I lived in the Smoots house in Wall & in Lakewood. When the band broke up, Gary was already diagnosed as being HIV positive. At some point he just got tired of the band (it wasn’t much fun for him anymore) and needed to focus on his health. In the back of his head he also knew his days were numbered. Back then HIV/AIDS was a death sentence. And yes, he moved to Seattle, and joined Greenpeace. He went out on a few different Greenpeace ships. He would be gone for months at a time doing Greenpeace actions. . During that time he managed to come back to Jersey to visit on at least two occasions that I can remember.

      During his time in Seattle he also started another band, “The Swingin’ Swamis” or something like that. He and his girlfriend lived in Seattle up until he died.

      If you knew Gary, he lived his life on his terms. No matter what. With no regrets. He is truly missed.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.


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