Bruce Springsteen @ The Palladium 1978

  • Thursday / April 3, 2008
Bruce Springsteen @ The Palladium 1978

Bruce Springsteen @ The Palladium 1978

Bruce Springsteen @ The Palladium 1978I’ve been a busy man these past few days. I’ve been scanning a lot of slides. As you can see in my previous few posts. It’s funny, I almost forgot I had these photos. When I dug out my slide pages from my closet, there they were.

It seems there’s been a lot going on in my head since I saw Springsteen at Key Arena last week. Like I mentioned in my previous posts about my friend Gary Crosslin aka Junior Smoots. In trying to “refresh” my memory I was trying to see if there were any other websites that might have info about him or members of the band. That’s how I stumbled onto a website for The Upstage Club. The Upstage was a club on the Asbury Park Circuit that many a musician had passed through, including Bruce, my friend Gary and scores of other musicians. In the forums of the website was a post for another club in Asbury called Mrs Jay’s. Mrs Jay’s was the place I first saw Gary & the Smoots band play.

Between the Key Arena show & the Upstage website, my memory machine has been working overtime. As a matter of fact I just found an old diary yesterday from right around the time I was leaving Long Island and moving back to New Jersey in 1982. It was also the time I left for my my month long European hitchhiking fest. Finding the diary may mean I’ll have to either update my “recollection” of the Smoots posts or just write “updates”. Some of the chronology of events is off. Oh well … that’s what it’s like when your 51 year old brain synapses starts misfiring. Damn synapses!

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band : 1978
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