On The Road Again

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There have been a whole host of things that have gone on in the past few weeks.

On the health front … went to see Dr Raghu as a follow up for my Sarcoid. He didn’t put me on any drugs at all and told me he didn’t want to see me for another 6 months. Unless of course something “pops up’. The chemo drug he put me on really “messed” with my system, especially my thyroid & my testosterone levels. My Thyroid is coming back on it’s own, and my testosterone levels are getting back to normal with injections every 10 days. When they reach normal & stay … no more injections either. Woo hoo!

On the communication front … I did something I said I would NEVER do … I joined the Twitter Nation. As can be evidenced by the Twitter Widget on the right side of this here blog. :) The scary thing is I’m liking it better than Facebook. At least with Twitter there are no Fave 5’s and no other extraneous noise. I can “follow”
whomever I want, and make immediate posts on random thoughts, picts, and places I’m exploring.

On the exercise front … Chris and I have started riding our bikes again. In the name of excess, our first ride was around 13 miles. Down the Berke Gilman, and Sammamish River trails. And just yesterday I went on a 15.67 mile solo ride. I even Tweeted about it while I was on the ride. At the start, halfway, and end of the ride. I even gave map coordinates, and at the end I photographed my bike hangin’ on my car’s bike rack. The nerdiest part was I used the EverTrail app on my iPhone to GPS track the entire bike ride. I then uploaded it to evertrail.com where you can see it mapped out on a Google map.

Okay … beyond all that. I’m kind of pumped that I can take these rides & my lungs are surviving! Now maybe I can work on losing the weight I need to lose. One step … or ride at a time. :)

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  1. Glad to hear things are looking up! We leave for [edited] in [edited], we’ll be back [edited]. Then on [edited] I get to go to Deborah for 3, count ’em , 3 appointments starting at 8:15 AM. 1 .Venous insufficenciency lower extremity ultrasound, 2. Consultation with a nurse at 9:30 and 3. consult with a vascular surgeon at 10:30. sounds like tons o fun. Hope u stay well, Mom’s [edited]. So if you’ve been trying to call her, that’s why she hasn’t called u back. TTYL, Love, Di

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