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joe-by-charlie-01Been posting a lot of ancient history lately. Could be that my 59th birthday is a day away. Could be that a lot of people have recently left this planet for parts unknown. Maybe I’m just bored. I’m certainly vain enough. Whatever the reason, I had to post these photos of me — joe streno — as photographed by Charlie Maraia circa 1982. Charlie was working as an assistant for a photographer in Manhattan at the time. I befriended Charlie when we were both attending CW Post on Long Island. Charlie and I did many things together, including traveling to England and France after we graduated Post.

joe streno by charlie maraia

Charlie set up the shoot and then photographed me in both 35mm color and in 2.25″ x 2.25″ black and white. These are the black and white photos. I had had a contact sheet of these photos, that I hand colored back in the 80s, probably shortly after Charlie developed the film. In later years I also mounted and framed the photos. But I never had scans of the original negatives, until Charlie eMailed me those last week! Thanks Charlie!

Joe Collage Shot by Charlie Maraia

I love being on either side of the camera. I’m a ham. I always try to do something interesting. Or at least I hope I do. But either way, it’s always a lot of fun.

I especially love these photos because I’m wearing my paternal grandfather’s fedora. That man was always a sharp dresser! He always had a sense of style.

My Grandfather, David Vito Streno (center) dressed to the nines @ The Keansburg boardwalk.


Photos: joe streno by charlie maraia
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01 of 23 - joe streno - photo by charlie maraia - 1982


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