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Hey Joe …. where you going with that iPhone in your hand?

By day I’m a mild mannered Apple Macintosh computer consultant. I started eMac Consulting in October of 1999. I worked 4 years at Westwind Computing in Greenlake as a ‘systems engineer’. I got tired of working for someone else and living in Seattle. Thought I wanted something warm and sunny. I wanted a change. Thought I was going to move to San Diego, even went down there to look for jobs and a place to live. But it just didn’t ‘feel’ right. So I came back to Seattle. One of my clients called me and said “Bob (the owner) only wants you to work on our computers. When can you be here?” A few days later another client called. A light bulb went off. “I can do this!”

And that … was the start of eMac Consulting.

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