Trading Places: Destination Asbury Park, NJ

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Asbury Park NJ

It’s memorial day weekend. It’s cold and it’s gray in Seattle. Forecast? Rain! Rain! Rain! Go figure! I always have to remind myself. Joe. There are other parts of the world where the forecast is … sun, sun, sun & fun, fun, fun! Like. Wait for it. Asbury Park, NJ! ; )

Asbury Park, NJ? Really? Yeah … really! We have history. We have rapport. Though we’ve been estranged, we’re not irreconcilable. I’ve paid my dues in purgatory. Now I want my reborn “city in ruins” back! It’s my stopping grounds. It’s by new rebirth right! Okay. I’m just soooooo fucking tired of Seattle I want to scream! There I said it! I own it!

I lived in Asbury for five years of my life. They were some of the most rewardingly creative years of my life. Plus I love the Jersey Shore. Not the stupid reality show … the beach! The Atlantic. The smell of salt air & Coppertone commingling, igniting cherished and iconized childhood and adult memories.

I just read recently, maybe in a AP Boardwalk or In! Asbury linked story on Facebook. And it’s so true … or at least I think so.

There’s something about Asbury Park that draws people looking for their second chance, their dream …

I also have reason to wax poetic about Asbury this weekend …. it’s the 29th anniversary of The Clash attack on Asbury Park weekend. Three days of  music and one incredible party on the last night at the Amusement Casino. But I digress ….

I need a change. I need something new, via something old. I need to get the fuck out of Dodge … so to speak. I need to be in Asbury Park, with my feet firmly planted in hallowed Jersey beach sand! I need to be slathered in Coppertone roasting my Seattle pale white body worshipping the sun and sand and fragrant Atlantic breezes. Bring it on baby! I need to be making art. Making music. Making noise! And making a new life! I’m game. I’m gayly optimistic too! I’m downright giddy at the thought!

Yes there are currently some obstacles in my way, keeping me from achieving this goal (read money) … but it’s a goal none the less. From a person who never really liked the concept of goals. Hey! Sometimes you do have to say …

What the fuck!

(though you really can’t say that in Seattle … for fear of offending) And in NJ … I know I can. I’m ready to burn some bridges bitches!

After sixteen years in Seattle … it’s crazily sad. I have no roots here. I have few friends. My only real friend here is someone I knew from back east. I have “acquaintances” but no others that would lay down their life for me. Stand with me. How fucking sad is that!

Back east I have a host of friends who would be by my side. Even after many years of absence. I was born and raised in NJ. I am a NJ boy. Man. Child.

New Jersey! I’m ready for you! Are you ready for me? Will you forgive me my West Coast trespasses? You better motherfucker! Oh … and how’s the family? ; )

Now to concoct the plan …. Destination Asbury Park, NJ!

Joe Streno
artist . musician . photographer . apple computer consultant . residing in asbury park nj with his two cats rocky & rose & living to tell tales about it

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