John Scher Retrospective

John Scher: From The Boardwalk To The Capitol

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hyoid-lie The Asbury Park Music Foundation will be hosting “John Scher: From the Boardwalk to the Capitol” from Novmber 14th to December 27th 2015. John Scher will be at the opening on November 14th to speak about his career and the numerous shows he promoted over the decades. There will be memorabelia, photography, videos, and artwork by: Bob Leafe, Ebert Roberts, David McGough, Moyssi, Kevin Papa, and yours truely — Joe Streno. The event will all take place at: Where Music Lives Performance & Exhibition…Continue Reading “John Scher: From The Boardwalk To The Capitol”

Kickin It Old School 02

Kickin’ It Old School

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Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend the magnitude of time. Put simply—time’s a fatherfucker! And he’s sure having his way with me! Boom! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I started back to college—the second time aound—Spring session of 1978 at the CW Post campus of Long Island University, at the tender age ot twenty-one. Twenty one??!! WTF!!!??? How can that be? I’m hearing the voice of Vin Scelsa, warm, low, and bassy, pumping musical goodness into my brain. Making me…Continue Reading “Kickin’ It Old School”

Fast Lane

Life In The Fast Lane – Asbury Park NJ

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Sometimes good things do come to those who wait. In  my case it’s true. A few months ago I was invited by the Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation to show the collection of bands I photographed on the stage of the historic Fast Lane in Asbury Park, NJ. Color me honored! The show will include my photographs of Billy Idol, Mink DeVille, Carolyne Mas, Ronnie Spector, The A’s, John Eddie And The Front Street Runners, and Junior Smoots And The Disturbers. All of these shows were…Continue Reading “Life In The Fast Lane – Asbury Park NJ”

A Day @ The Beach With The Hoovers

A Day @ The Beach With The Hoovers

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@ 1st Ave beach with the Hoover Nation. There’s a terrible rap band sound checking on the Pony outdoor stage. With any luck they’ll get the f*uck off soon! home

My Smoke Burst Fender Strat

My other baby! Practicing for Hoover Hootenanny 4 — The Declaration Of Hoover Nation! Yes this is my other baby … my Fender Deluxe Nashville Power Tele Electric Guitar, 2 Tone Sunburst, Rosewood Fretboard. I bought it to replace my old Strat Elite I bought back in the 80s. I love that the Tele has 3 pickups ∓ this thing screams! Love it! home

Rose is a TriCity Cat. Gettin’ on top of the news. Rose is a TriCity Cat. Gettin’ on top of the news. She’s also the sweetest little—and I do mean little—Manx girl-cat you ever saw! Even at 8 years old, she still looks like a kitten. home

Self Portrait #2,097

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A self portrait I took while waiting for an elevator in a parking garage at Harborview Sleep Clinic with my iPhone 4. It was just this great macro image of an eyeball silkscreened onto a huge piece of glass. It sat on top of a pony wall as a divider. I love how graphic and eye-conic the image is. ; ) Just thought it was a great self portrait opportunity and had to take it.

Hipsta Photos

The question is … Butisitart! But is it art! It’s something I use to ask/say to my other “arty” friends back in Jr High back in the glorious(?) 70’s(?) … OMG! And so the question is raised today. I’m not trying to rekindle the age old battle about clay Art vs Craft. No! I’m saying it more tongue in cheek this time around. I have to give a big shout out to Diana Fayt for turning me onto a very cool app called Hipstamatic for…Continue Reading “Butisitart!”