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Berylliosis vs Sarcoidosis = Misdiagnosis?

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hyoid-lie Sometimes I wonder … Is this live? Or is this Memorex? Am I awake? Or have I dreamed nearly fifty-nine years of my so called life? Yesterday, I had any one of those moments. Berylliosis vs Sarcoidosis = Misdiagnosis? The hour + drive up to Rutgers University Medical in Newark, NJ was pretty uneventful. A bit of construction still happening on the old Garden State Parkway — but nothing major. I made it there with time to spare for my 10:45 AM appointment with…Continue Reading “Berylliosis vs Sarcoidosis = Misdiagnosis?”

Sinonasal Sarcoidosis: Getting My Nose Out Of Joint

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It took a rather arduous journey to arrive here. From beginning to end, when foot met pedal, slip sliding through distant New Jersey neighborhoods, to arrive at my final destination — at least for that day — I was hoping for the best. The town of Montclair, New Jersey, was not all that different than the suburban town of Linden I grew up in. It may have seemed a bit more upper class, but even as a child that’s kind of how we all saw…Continue Reading “Sinonasal Sarcoidosis: Getting My Nose Out Of Joint”

Cataracts The Eyes Have It

Cataracts: The Eyes Have It

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I came to his office for an eye exam; and left with an uneasy feeling. Since having been diagnosed with Sarcoid, over 10 years ago, I’ve had to go for regular eye exams, along with regular lung exams. Usually pretty routine. But this eye exam was a tad different. When Dr Sergio Peneiras of Brighton Eye Care was done with his full exam, he started telling me my vision hadn’t changed since my last visit a year ago. I was flummoxed. It seemed to me, my vision had changed dramatically around…Continue Reading “Cataracts: The Eyes Have It”

Sarcoid @ Rutgers: Looking For Clues

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It’s been over ten years since the beginning. Presenting as a mystery, wrappped in an enigma, wrapped in a disease that has no end; but it did have a beginning. Back in Seattle, the summer of 2002 at Bally’s Fitness, I noticed my breathing becoming labored, but nothing I couldn’t power through. It was the start of something. Months and years passed. A host of symptoms came and went. It was still difficult to breathe on occasion, but nothing to set off alarms — yet….Continue Reading “Sarcoid @ Rutgers: Looking For Clues”

The Sarcoid Life: 1,25 dihydroxy-vitamin D or The Things We Learn Whether We Want To Or Not!

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Another Boy Another Planet There are times I’d like to be transported to another time, another place, another planet. The time specifically? Any time where I never had to deal with the mysteries of my body. Where life was lived and not examined—by myself nor a doctor. These past several months have been a relentless drain on my health and my wellbeing—both physically and mentally. I’ve been dealing with lethargy, a fuzzy brain, and weight gain. Not to mention the emotional component of feeling out…Continue Reading “The Sarcoid Life: 1,25 dihydroxy-vitamin D or The Things We Learn Whether We Want To Or Not!”

On The Road Again

There have been a whole host of things that have gone on in the past few weeks. On the health front … went to see Dr Raghu as a follow up for my Sarcoid. He didn’t put me on any drugs at all and told me he didn’t want to see me for another 6 months. Unless of course something “pops up’. The chemo drug he put me on really “messed” with my system, especially my thyroid & my testosterone levels. My Thyroid is coming…Continue Reading “On The Road Again”

Good news Bad news

Life is dichotomy. Life is duality. The Yin & Yang of light & dark, virtue & evil, up & down … uh … you get the idea. Existential at best. Detached at worst. Round and round goes the world, as does life. The Good News: Went to see my pulmonologist today, after a four month hiatus from him or any Sarcoid drugs. He says though active, my Sarcoid is still mild. Like some milk-toast cheddar from Wisconsin. He doesn’t see any link with any of…Continue Reading “Good news. Bad news.”

Living The Sarcoid Life

Livin’ The Sarcoid Life

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I had a realization just the other day, while on the treadmill at the gym. It was seven years ago this month that I started “Livin’ La Vida Sarcoid”. Well … I should be a bit clearer. It was seven years ago this month I started back at the gym … the first time around. At that time I was lookin’ down the double barrel of my 45th birthday. A momentous occasion, maybe. But something inside of me, it could have been all the fat,…Continue Reading “Livin’ The Sarcoid Life”

A Show Of Hands

This is a follow-up to the post: “A Show of Hands.” It’s funny. I’ve sat here for 30 minutes trying to find a way to start this. Trying to find the most obtuse angle to dive in. Contemplating a witty way to say what I needed to. I’m tired. I’m hurting. And I think my anger will have to be enough for now. Okay … I just need to say it. My Sarcoidosis is flaring up again. What’s really shitty is it’s now creating cystic…Continue Reading “To The Bone”

Looking Inside

Sometimes, I’m told people can see right through me. I never know if they mean I’m transparent, or I’m hiding something, and what is hidden is transparent. A conundrum to say the least. Today I might wish that ‘transparency’ were indeed the case. It started with a sharp stabbing pain in my right hand. This had occurred, to some degree, in the past. I was told then, it was most likely carpel tunnel syndrome. Okay. I’ll bite. So way back when I was given some…Continue Reading “A Show Of Hands”