If I Had A Hammer: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

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It was the last thing I would have expected; yet it came to me in a wave. Like its metaphoric oceanic counterpart it dragged me under momentarily, as I calmly embraced it. All the while I felt this intermittent jackhammering at my skull. Two or three seconds of jaw-clenching, brain-shakingly-intense hammering, and then 20 seconds of calm. This repeated cycle lasted for some twenty minutes. And somewhere in that stretch of time — it washed over me — this undeniable wave of sadness. What exactly…Continue Reading “If I Had A Hammer: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation”

So this is 60 And what have you done Another year older And a new one just begun And so this is 60 Right now I can’t run With the way things are going, will I reach 61 … (Sung to “So This Is Christmas”) Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! This may turn into a Category 5 rant. For the faint of heart you may need to just go here. I know the preceding sounds a bit melodramaculous, and the following may be a bit over…Continue Reading “This is 60?”

Medicated Goo: Eight Months In: The Melting Mask

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It started a few months ago; but I was not conscious of the fact. In the absence of heat, with the passing of seasons something sinister was occurring; slowly but surely. It may have been imperceptible at first, but as time passed it became more pronounced and identifiable — my mask was melting. Though I am not one to don one physically or metaphorically, this chemically produced mask hid something very personal from the general public — my depression. But as the last days of summer faded…Continue Reading “Medicated Goo: Eight Months In: The Melting Mask”