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Vegan In Training

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Vegan in training. Yup that’s what I am—on a few levels. I became a total vegan just a few months ago. From that aspect: I’m a freshly minted vegan. I had been working towards vegetarian for  a while. I started eliminating eggs, milk, and other dairy. The next thing was meat. That wasn’t too hard because by that time I was only eating chicken for the protein. Once the two flats of chicken I had remaining were gone I was almost there—almost. The last hold…Continue Reading “Vegan In Training”

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Gym Life – Week 10 + Workout Sheet

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Not a lot to report in week 10. I’m still at 260 lbs and holding. Though I had to go from my (dare I say it) size 42 jeans to my size 40 jeans which I had stored away for this occasion. Two inches is just the start … I hope. My 42 jeans were getting way too loose. So I climbed up into the attic and brought the 40’s down. In there was a pair or 36″ jeans … oh someday soon(?). Actually that…Continue Reading “Gym Life – Week 10 + Workout Sheet”

TNT Diet

I’ve been doing this now for 9 weeks. I had lost only 15 lbs in the first 7 weeks and hit a plateau already. Okay did I just say ONLY 15 lbs! Oye! Let’s be real. That is pretty good! Having gone through this loss and plateau situation before I kind of knew what had to be done. A change up in my workouts or maybe get a trainer again. At the end of one of my workouts last week I talked to one of…Continue Reading “Gym Life: Week 9”

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Gym Life – Week 6

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I can’t believe that it’s been six weeks since I started working out again. Week 6! In that six weeks I’ve dropped fifteen pounds. Yes FIFTEEN POUNDS! I have been workin’ my butt of figuratively and literally. And it feels good! If I were a goal oriented kind of guy … I’d like to be 198 by my 53rd birthday. That might be unrealistic … but hey I sure can try! BTW … for those of you interested and wanting to lavish gifts upon me…Continue Reading “Gym Life – Week 6”

Gym Life Week 3

My Gym Life – Week 3

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I joined LA Fitness two weeks ago, after having gone through a free week previously giving myself and the gym a test run. I can’t believe it’s been three weeks already. Wow! And it’s already starting to pay off. I wish I could say I already looked like my picture to the left, circa early 2002 … but I have lost 8 lbs already. Way back in August of 2001 I started back to the gym “the first time.” Well at least the first time…Continue Reading “My Gym Life – Week 3”

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Waiting for the other shoe …

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Sometimes I wonder where the time goes. Most times I’m so caught up in the mind-numbing sameness of the every day, that I often don’t realize time has passed. Or maybe I just don’t want to consciously recognize I’ve gotten another day older … and as the song goes … deeper in debt. And to look at the line before, and the one in the song too … I’m also afraid I’m reaching the 16-ton mark. Okay maybe that’s a “little” exaggerated, but I’m the…Continue Reading “Waiting for the other shoe …”