It was a deliciously sunny—and just warm enough—October Saturday morning. Great day for the Asbury Underground Music & Art Crawl along Cookman Ave, here in Asbury Park, NJ. It started at the Kiss My Art Gallery at 1:00 PM and continued with other “pop-up” events all up and down Cookman. It finished with the last show at the Parlor Gallery at 5:30 PM. A fantastic day of art and music pulled together by Asbury Underground, Art Tank, Liquitex, ArtsCap, Art629, and AP Vibe.

I also had other motives for being around Cookman at this time. I had an appointment at the Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation at 2:15 to discuss an upcoming November show that I will have photos in. So while waiting for my appointment I wandered around Cookman Ave checking out music and art—with camera in hand.

Though realistically I only saw Chris Brown and his performance at the Kiss My Art Gallery. Took some photos of him playing. I liked his energy a lot. I was trying to play with low shutter speed and motion to try to convey some of that energy. It was also the first time, in a very long time, I used my Nikon D70 to photograph anyone playing live. It was fun and I liked the results.

One of the Asbury Underground Music & Art Crawl underwriters was the art paint manufacturer Liquitex. They supplied all the paints used for the murals that were being painted that day, as well as to all the graffiti artists set up in kiosks all up and down Cookman.

As you can see by the photos below, my main focus (no pun intended) was on the Joe Strummer mural being painted. There were also two other, one of Public Enemy, and the other … not sure who it is. But if you know … leave it in the comments below.

I photographed the murals with both my iPhone 5, doing small panoramas and hard angle closeups, and my Nikon D70 for the bulk of the photos.

Though I didn’t stay until 6:00 PM, I did wander through a few galleries, that I had never been into before. I have to make it a point to get out and experience more of the art scene Asbury Park has to offer. Gee … I’ve only been here 2 years (11/1/2013) and this is the first time I’ve set foot in any of the galleries. Glad I did!

Hope you like the photos as much as I loved taking them.


Asbury Underground Music & Art Crawl
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001 Chris Brown @ Kiss My Art Gallery

Joe Streno
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4 thoughts on “Asbury Underground Music & Art Crawl

  1. Hi, Joe:
    I have been enjoying the website and re-looking at Clash photos. We’ve chatted before here, and we met at The Rise and Fall NY premiere. I was so happy to see Brenda in the photo with you on the beach! Somehow I missed that one the last time.
    Anyway, I was wondering if this Joe mural still exists in AP. I’ve looked for it many times over the past few years and can never find it! It would be a shame if it was gone…
    BTW, just curious, how are things these days in Asbury Park? I haven’t been there since August, so I know there must be some new stuff happening, and I wonder how it’s going.
    Rock on!
    Joanie a/k/a Clashophile

    1. Hi Joanie … Thanks for contacting me again. :) Sadly, all those murals are gone. They were meant to be temporary. They were done on the plywood that was protecting those store fronts while those buildings were being restored & refurbished. Part of the resurrection of Cookman Ave. I would certainly hope, they were saved by the Asbury Park Musical Heritage Society to be displayed in their new museum … but I don’t know. The murals & plywood could just be landfill by now. Sad, but more than likely the outcome.

      Yes, I always loved that photo of Brenda & me on the beach in Asbury during the Clash weekend. It was taken by friend photographer Charlie Maraia, who I’ve recently reconnected with on Facebook.

      Asbury is on the rise once again. Always new things in the works … or so it seems. I’m sure the coming spring & summer will bring even more new stores, events & people into Asbury. So we’ll see.

      Hope you are well. :)

  2. Hi Joe,

    I am the Chris Brown from your photos. I stumbled upon your website in relation to the Asbury Underground show. I just recently performed again as part of that artwalk this past January and your site came up due to the old tags. Some cool shots. Glad you caught my set. Would you be able to send them to my above email address? Thanks a lot! Cheers

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