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{ About Joe Streno }

I am an ceramic artist, sculptor, musician, photographer Macintosh consultant living in Lanoka Harbor, NJ with two cats Rocky and Rose.

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I was born and raised in Linden, NJ. Just 30 minutes from New York City. Three stops on a NJ Transit train and hello NYC! I attended Number 1 school (grade school), McManus Jr High, and Linden High School.

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I studied photography at Fashion Institute of Technology in 1974, but have been taking photographs since my junior high school days. I can thank my Jr High science teacher John Oshust for sparking that interest. I bought my first SLR and started my first darkroom back then. But I have always had an artistic streak even as a child. Music , art and photography have always a big part of my life.

{ About Joe Streno }

In the late 70’s early 80’s I attended CW Post Center of Long Island University in Brookville, NY. I graduated in 1982 with a BA in communications and film. Those were some amazing times!

Around 1992 I decided to go back to school again. I worked on a BFA in ceramic art and sculpture at The NY State College Of Ceramics @ Alfred University in Alfred, NY. After about 2.5 years I graduated in June of 1995. From there I moved to Seattle.

Sixteen year later I now reside in Asbury Park, NJ again. You can take the man out of New Jersey, but the Atlantic will bring him back. I’m happy it did!

This is my place to blow off a little steam. The place to say what I need and keep others current. Thanks for stopping by.


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 { About Joe Streno }
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