Get Me Off This Damn Rollercoaster

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Get me off this damn rollercoaster — now! Was looking at my WordPress blog statistics today. Someone was very busy reading my posts about a multitude of gym efforts over the years, and my health issues. Which is what brought me to this idea of my health rollercoaster. It’s a metaphor that’s been mined too many times before—though not by me. It seemed kind of odd someone was reading these posts; though it could have been more than one person—I guess. But as I clicked…Continue Reading “Get Me Off This Damn Rollercoaster”

If I Had A Hammer: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

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It was the last thing I would have expected; yet it came to me in a wave. Like its metaphoric oceanic counterpart it dragged me under momentarily, as I calmly embraced it. All the while I felt this intermittent jackhammering at my skull. Two or three seconds of jaw-clenching, brain-shakingly-intense hammering, and then 20 seconds of calm. This repeated cycle lasted for some twenty minutes. And somewhere in that stretch of time — it washed over me — this undeniable wave of sadness. What exactly…Continue Reading “If I Had A Hammer: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation”

So this is 60 And what have you done Another year older And a new one just begun And so this is 60 Right now I can’t run With the way things are going, will I reach 61 … (Sung to “So This Is Christmas”) Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! This may turn into a Category 5 rant. For the faint of heart you may need to just go here. I know the preceding sounds a bit melodramaculous, and the following may be a bit over…Continue Reading “This is 60?”

Medicated Goo: Eight Months In: The Melting Mask

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It started a few months ago; but I was not conscious of the fact. In the absence of heat, with the passing of seasons something sinister was occurring; slowly but surely. It may have been imperceptible at first, but as time passed it became more pronounced and identifiable — my mask was melting. Though I am not one to don one physically or metaphorically, this chemically produced mask hid something very personal from the general public — my depression. But as the last days of summer faded…Continue Reading “Medicated Goo: Eight Months In: The Melting Mask”

Vegan Gains: The Journey Continues

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Poser! I’m not a poser by nature; using the British slang: “One who attempts to appear to others as something they are not, especially by their manner of dress; a charlatan.” So taking a photo — like the one you see — is not something I’m comfortable with. But to be able to see my “vegan gains” I need reference photos. As much as I work out now, and as much as my body is changing, I still sometimes think with my 275 pound “fat brain”. There…Continue Reading “Vegan Gains: The Journey Continues”

Vegan In Training Featured Image2

Vegan In Training

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Vegan in training. Yup that’s what I am—on a few levels. I became a total vegan just a few months ago. From that aspect: I’m a freshly minted vegan. I had been working towards vegetarian for  a while. I started eliminating eggs, milk, and other dairy. The next thing was meat. That wasn’t too hard because by that time I was only eating chicken for the protein. Once the two flats of chicken I had remaining were gone I was almost there—almost. The last hold…Continue Reading “Vegan In Training”

Medicated Goo Feature Image 02

Medicated Goo : Three Weeks In

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Medicated Goo Steve Winwood & James David Miller So follow me, its good for you That good old fashioned Medicated Goo Ooo, ain’t it good for you? My own homegrown recipe’ll see you thru … Color me … Color me amazed! Color me purple, pink, orange or any other shade you care to. I’m three weeks into being chemically altered, by this “Medicated Goo” called Wellbutrin; more correctly the generic Bupropion. This Medicated Goo is good for you; well … for me. It may not be a…Continue Reading “Medicated Goo : Three Weeks In”

Chemically Altered Featured Image

Chemically Altered – Or How I Learned To Love The Pill

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Chemically Altered – Or How I Learned To Love The Pill On The Road It’s been a long hard road, with too many twists, turns and setbacks. But I hit that road and I hit it hard; visited many a medico along the way — with not much to show, and little comfort on those cold, gray, dreary stretches of that godforsaken New Jersey highway. Granted, I did find a few good eggs and traveling companions along the way: Dr Berman, and Dr Kalyouseff. Then again —…Continue Reading “Chemically Altered – Or How I Learned To Love The Pill”

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joe streno by charlie maraia

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Been posting a lot of ancient history lately. Could be that my 59th birthday is a day away. Could be that a lot of people have recently left this planet for parts unknown. Maybe I’m just bored. I’m certainly vain enough. Whatever the reason, I had to post these photos of me — joe streno — as photographed by Charlie Maraia circa 1982. Charlie was working as an assistant for a photographer in Manhattan at the time. I befriended Charlie when we were both attending CW Post on…Continue Reading “joe streno by charlie maraia”

Dover Kent GB Yesterday Today Featured Image

The Red Book Diaries : Dover : Kent : Great Britain

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hyoid-lie Today is a very strange day. The past and present seemed to have collided. A star has left this solar system & gone to parts unknown. The firmament is less bright as it once was. Its departure also leaves a hole in our collective beings. But as a shooting star travels, it leaves a trail of beauty in its wake. A trail left for all — who might see — listen — hear. I had no intention of writing today, about this star, musician, artist —…Continue Reading “The Red Book Diaries : Dover : Kent : Great Britain”