John Eddie And The Front Street Runners Live @ Emerald City – 1981

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John Eddie

The year was 1981. Bruce Springsteen was touring behind his new double album “The River”, and I was still in attendance at CW Post in Long Island as a film major. It was a Friday night in Cherry Hill, NJ. The bill was Gary US Bonds—who was very hot at the time and heading his own “Bruce assisted comeback”—and local New Jersey boys John Eddie And The Front Street Runners. My buddy Geoff Hoover and I were there, but I don’t remember if we bought tickets or were guest listed. I knew John Eddie, had photographed him plenty already, and tonight was no different. It’s my film choice that tells me I was strapped for cash—so I might have been on the list plus one. I shot both John Eddie and Gary US Bonds in black and white—yeah no cash for color. But no matter. We were there to have a blast! And so we did.

While I was pulling together the John Eddie photos I was going to show at the Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation’s tribute to bands who played the Fast Lane, I befriended a gentleman named Art Masciocchi on Facebook who was also at the same John Eddie show. He said he had a recording of the show, and asked if I’d like a CD copy of the original taping of the show. I was like—hell yeah! So he sent me a copy. I ripped it. And below are the songs from that show.

Sometimes I’m still amazed at how small the world becomes via the Internet. Hope you enjoy this blast from the past as much as I have! Thanks to John Eddie And The Front Street Runners for the music, and thanks to Art for sending the CD! Enjoy!

John Eddie And The Front Street Runners Live

While you’re listening to the show … you can check out my photos of John Eddie And The Front Street Runners from that same night.


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3 thoughts on “John Eddie And The Front Street Runners Live @ Emerald City – 1981

  1. Thank you so much for posting these songs and pictures. The night is young was always one of my favorite songs, I never thought I’d hear it again. Takes me back to such a fun time – thanks again!


    1. Hi Di …

      Thanks! And thanks for stopping by! Thanks to John & the Runners for years of great music & so much fun! :)

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