1. Geoff hoover
    Thursday / June 16, 2011

    Your synapses may be shot, but mine aren’t. This is not 1978. This is 1982. Look at the bass player. Notice the tits? Sara Lee. She came aboard late 1981 and recorded Songs of the Free. Beautiful shots btw. Some of your very best.

    • Thursday / June 16, 2011

      Geoff. First. Thanks! The lighting certainly helped. : )

      Yup … did notice the tits. But … I’m going to disagree with you on this one. It’s much earlier than 1982. Though that’s the first studio recording Sara Lee may have done with the band, she was playing live with them much earlier. I’ve pieced this together from what I could find on the Interwebs.

      In an interview Andy Gill said Dave Allen left half way through the 1979 first US tour. Busta Cherry filled in, but not for long, Sara came on somewhere in that time, before going into the studio to record with them. But that’s also the closest I could come to actual facts. Who knows. Maybe I’m making it all up!

      I’m still confused. Hmm. Maybe I should post the photo of the girl that went with me. Her name might have been Meme. Fuck if I can remember! Shoot me now! Please!

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