1. mike
    Monday / April 20, 2009

    i seen billy at the meadowbrook that year in new jersey. i,m from yonkers used to hang out with my friend larry who played bass in our band.larry knew phil feit who played bass for billy. we used to hang out with billy when he lived in sheraton sq. in manhattan.what memories to see ur pics.thanks,mike munson…

  2. Friday / February 6, 2009

    Nice photos! I was in the opening band that night, the Jetsonz. We didn’t even get to see the show this well! I think we ended up standing in the back behind the big crowd of people!

  3. Tuesday / July 8, 2008

    Fantastic pix! :)

  4. Wednesday / June 25, 2008

    Those Idol pictures are amazing! i wish i could have seen billy during the 80s but i wasnt born yet. i saw him a few years ago for devils playground and took pictures but lost the camera, stupid me. i left you pretty much the same message on the message board. but yeah, great pics! chat with me on the board some time!

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