Good news. Bad news.


Life is dichotomy. Life is duality. The Yin & Yang of light & dark, virtue & evil, up & down … uh … you get the idea. Existential at best. Detached at worst. Round and round goes the world, as does life.

The Good News:

Went to see my pulmonologist today, after a four month hiatus from him or any Sarcoid drugs. He says though active, my Sarcoid is still mild. Like some milk-toast cheddar from Wisconsin. He doesn’t see any link with any of my current symptoms. And let me tell you … there still are plenty.

The Bad News:

In looking at the EKG that Dr Rosenfield did on me a few weeks ago in his office, Dr Raghu says it shows an abnormality. Okay … that’s a scary statement. And looking at my blood test results, my thyroid function is low. Not catastrophic, but this could also add to why I’m still feeling tired.

If I look at all my symptoms in a list … no wonder I feel depressed!


  • Left foot and ankle swollen
  • Low thyroid function
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Inner ear still fluid filled and aching
  • Waking with headaches
  • Decreased lung function
  • Lethargy

So it’s off to Dr Alegra tomorrow my new ENT to scope out (no pun intended) my ear and sinus headache issues. Then it’s off to Dr Rosenfield on Monday to sort through the remainder of what’s going on and get a game plan together.

On top of that I need to drop … oh 80 lbs. I’m sure that’s not helping anything. What to do. What to do. Well … start by going to the doctors and seeing what they say. From there it’s up to me.

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